Rario Will Be the First Cricket NFT Platform on Polygon

Rario Will Be the First Cricket NFT Platform on Polygon
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Polygon Studios announced another blockchain project aiming to launch a platform on this layer-two solution, Rario. Rario is an NFT platform with a considerable focus on Cricket games and will join more than 300 NFT and gaming companies on Polygon. It’s the first cricket-focused NFT platform to launch on Polygon and may become the gateway to attract more sport-focused ones to this network.

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There are many solutions for scaling the Ethereum blockchain and solving its gas fee, transaction speed, and network congestion challenges. Polygon is one of the most famous ones and has been able to attract lots of projects and end-users.

The transaction fee is very much lower on Polygon, and the speed is very high that has resulted in many projects considering this solution. Lots of famous Ethereum projects have decided to launch a version of their product on Polygon. Many new ones want to launch their platform on this network. Rario is the latest platform to announce the decision for launching a platform on Polygon.

Rario is an NFT platform with a focus on the cricket game and offering NFTs from players and teams of this sport game. It will be the first officially licensed cricket NFT platform on Polygon.

Polygon Studios, the NFT-focused wing of Polygon, helps projects like Rario to launch their custom NFT platform and marketplace on this network. Currently, more than 300 NFT and gaming platforms run on Polygon, among which OpenSea, Decentraland, and Rarible are the most famous. There are big names from the DeFi industry running on Polygon, too. Aave, Curve, SushiSwao, and Balancer are some of the most famous ones.

Polygon Studios believes that launching on Polygon will surely help the cricket-focused Rario to attract more users faster than competitors. According to the announcement:

“Polygon has 5–6x more gaming, and NFT Dapps than any other chain outside of Ethereum main chain at around 300+ and Rario joins a roster of successful projects in the Polygon ecosystem. We look forward to growing Rario’s cricket-based digital collectible platform and joining our fast-growing NFT ecosystem.”

Cricket fans around the world are among the most hardcore sports fans that somehow love their favorite players. They have the incentive to buy NFTs of their favorite players as well. Rario has chosen an interesting niche market by focusing on this game. We can expect the platform to attract a considerable user base in the first months that will be a win for Polygon Studios as well.

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