RARI Chain Revolutionizes NFTs With a Creator-Centric Approach and Guaranteed Royalties

RARI Chain Unveiled: A Game-Changer for NFT Creators with Embedded Royalties and Low Transaction Costs
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RARI Foundation has taken a significant step into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the launch of RARI Chain, a new chain designed to revolutionize the industry, focusing on supporting creators and implementing royalties.

This project emerges as a response to the need to recognize the fundamental role of creators in the NFT space.

The RARI Foundation highlights the essential role of creators as the core of this rapidly growing industry, but regrets that they have historically benefited the least financially.


This chain, built on Arbitrum, offers a low-cost, high-performance infrastructure, allowing creators to earn royalties embedded at the node level.

This means that each project on the blockchain will be based on royalties for the creators, ensuring fair and non-negotiable compensation.

One of the key features is royalty integration, allowing creators to set a royalty percentage for each NFT or collection, ensuring these are honored in every transaction.

RARI Foundation Presents RARI Chain: Empowering Creators with Embedded Royalties in NFTs

This marks a significant milestone for creators, as compensation now becomes automatic and guaranteed.

With minimal transaction costs, less than a cent to mint, buy or exchange NFTs, and the ability to use USDC and credit card payments, the chain guarantees stable and predictable gas fees, independent of traffic on Ethereum and Arbitrum.

Decentralization is a fundamental pillar of the RARI Chain, which will be governed by the community of $RARI token holders and the RARI DAO.

Strategic collaborations with partners such as Caldera, Gelato, LayerZero, Magic, Rarible, Thirdweb and WalletConnect further strengthen the ecosystem infrastructure.


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