Quant Top News and Partnerships in Past Weeks

There have been several interesting developments in Quant blockchain over the past few weeks, from being selected by FinTech Circle to new partnership opportunities.

The Bright Future

The FinTech Connect event was held in London last month, and ITN Business produced a new film to showcase the event. FinTech Circle, the UK’s leading fintech community, commissioned the documentary to highlight the positive impact fintech firms are having on the world and how they can improve it.

During FinTech Connect in London, Susanne Chishti, CEO of FinTech Circle, was invited to speak on the main stage for the first time to unveil a new documentary film that she had commissioned to be shown at the event. ITN Business has produced a documentary about fintech companies that are positively impacting society through their innovations, and Quant was named there.

The new announcements and partnerships that Quant has announced in recent weeks indicate that the company has a bright future ahead of it. Within the next few months, it may be possible for it to go a step further in its development and become the first decentralized fintech choice.

It was also announced that Quant would be partnering with UST. It has been announced that the Quant team has partnered with UST, a company that specializes in digital transformation solutions for central banks and commercial banks, together with other capital markets participants, to provide technical integration and tokenization services. 

With the advent of distributed ledger technology, financial institutions are increasingly realizing the benefits of digital assets as they adopt and adopt greater amounts of digital assets. In order for them to gain access to new markets and clients, they need to issue digital money and tokenize existing asset classes, which will allow them to achieve faster settlement times.

As digital assets play a growing role in capital marketing and there are an increasing number of CBDC pilot programs being undertaken, this partnership has a strong backdrop. Grand View Research estimates the global tokenization market to be worth $2.1 billion in 2022 and that the market will grow at a compound annual rate of 24 percent over the next eight years.  

In the current state of affairs, over 50 countries are actively exploring CBDCs, and 19 of the G20 countries are also seriously considering introducing digital currencies into their domestic markets.