Quai Network Partners with Structure.fi to Help Global Retail Investors

Quai Network Partners with Structure.fi to Help Global Retail Investors
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Global retail investors can now transact faster, cheaper, and more securely by using Structure.Fi and Quai Network to facilitate their transactions.

Improving the Services

In order to promote mainstream investment into the DeFi, Crypto, and traditional markets, Structure.fi has developed a global platform designed to allow mainstream investors to seamlessly participate in all three markets without the barriers of traditional education and financial inexperience.

In order to allow investors of all levels of experience to quickly and easily trade assets on a secure, easy-to-use platform, Structure.fi will follow the principles of DeFi and allow investors to earn, borrow and lend assets in an environment that is openly transparent. In order to facilitate retail investor services via Quai Network, the team has selected it as its preferred provider.

Using the Proof-Of-Work 2.0 algorithm, merged mining, and sharding, the Quai Network has the ability to achieve infinite scalability. As a result of the combination of these technologies, a highly decentralized, open-source platform with unparalleled security and speed is created across the network that is both highly decentralized and open-sourced.

“By partnering with Quai, we will be able to improve the speed, security, and stability of all on-chain transactions on the Structure platform as a result of the partnership.”

Further, Structure.fi has announced it will list the Quai Network native token, QUAI, in the coming months, which will allow Structure.fi users the ability to access and view the Quai ecosystem.

Alan Orwick, the co-founder of Quai Network, said:

“We believe in Structure.fi’s mission to make financial tools as easy as possible to access. By listing QUAI on the Structure platform, we are opening the door for investors that may be new to blockchain technology to participate in the highly optimized digital economy that Quai Network is creating.”

This app was initially launched in El Salvador in collaboration with the government, and since then, the app has continued to grow throughout Latin America, being used by investors all around the world.

With Structure.fi, it is possible to execute trades across chains, markets, and asset classes all on one platform, which is a huge improvement from the previous model where users had to execute trades across multiple platforms through multiple complex executions.


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