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The world that surrounds the cryptocurrency does not stop growing and innovate and that is why we can find projects like QC-1, a miner of Ethereum (or other cryptocurrencies that use GPUs as a source of mining) that we can also use as a radiator for our home.

What is QC-1 and how does it work?

QC-1 is a project of Qarnot, a French company dedicated to high performance computing (HPC), this design is an update of Q.rad a project presented in 2013 that was a computer heater that incorporated microprocessors as a source of hot.

Due to these advances Qarnot is an award-winning company, which in recent years has received the following awards:

  • Innovative Climate Change Award CES 2018 Eureka Park
  • Election of the CES 2016 editor of Popular Mechanics
  • Raise / Lieu du Desings Award for design

The operation of QC-1 is simple, taking advantage of the heat created by the graphic cards to mine cryptocurrencies we can heat our house, the generated heat can be varied from the web application, the mobile application or from the touch screen that incorporates the device, where Higher heat equals higher mining performance, as they claim the equipment is designed to dissipate a soft and comfortable heat.

This generated heat comes from the 2 ATI RADEAON RX580 8G graphics cards that it carries inside and that generate about 60 MH/s, in addition to the 2 graphic cards the internal design of the QC-1 is completed with a power supply and a processor .

The rest of its technical characteristics are:

  • Total power 650 w
  • Measures: 65 cm * 62.5 cm * 15 cm
  • Weight: 27Kg
  • Materials: Wood and Aluminum
  • Sound Level: 0 db
  • Interfaces: Touch Screen, Web App, Mobile App
  • Communication: Ethernet

how it works The 0 db is achieved thanks to the fact that QC1 does not carry hard drives or fans inside, since the dissipation is carried out by the radiator itself.

Since Qarnot claim that the installation and use of this “crypto radiator” is quick and simple, since it is designed as a plug-and-mine device (plug and mine) and can be configured in just 10 minutes, you just need to connect to the team through a network cable, configure your Ethereum portfolio and start mining, from the web or mobile application we can monitor the performance.

How much does QC-1 cost and what benefit can it give me?

The price of the QC-1 is € 2900 or about € 3600 (shipping costs not included) The price includes a telephone support service. Online orders from your website are only available for countries in the European Union, if you want to purchase this device and reside elsewhere you should contact Qarnot.

According to the data that they contribute from Qarnot and the current quotation of Ethereum, they affirm that the user could get a return of about $ 120 per month.


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