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The company Purism, a manufacturer of hardware and software focused on privacy, recently announced that it will integrate Monero in its new Smartphone, the Librem 5.

The Librem 5 smartphone is a product of a crowdfunding campaign, which has raised more than $ 1.5 million, to build a device based on open source software, which does not track users or undermine their privacy and allows people to escape from claws of Apple and Google.

With the new phone users can benefit from encrypted calls that will hide their phone number, have encrypted text messages and also the ability to configure VPN for web browsing.

With the Librem 5 not only the payments in the device will be decentralized, the communications will also be. It will be Matrix’s first native smartphone, which is a decentralized alternative to the public telephone network that will eventually link different forms of communication such as VoIP and IM.

Instead of running on Android or iOS, users will use PureOS or any GNU / Linux distribution where source code is available. In this way, people will be able to verify that the version of the software that they are executing is the same as that of all the others.

It is not only security where Monero can improve the offer of Purism. This cryptocurrency can also eliminate the friction that online shopping entails; users of Librem 5 will not need to use a bank account or retain their centralized identity.

According to spokespersons of the Monero Core team, the Librem 5 will provide the average user with the use of Monero for transactions in the real world on a mobile platform. In addition, by using free open source software, it gives the user the opportunity to verify at a very high level their security, privacy and endpoint decentralization. This is unlike other mobile platforms where the user has to rely on a third party implementation.

Librem 5 will give consumers the option of not submitting to the terms and conditions of technology giants like Google, Samsung and Apple, which have been criticized in recent times regarding user privacy. Privacy is an inalienable human right and this seems to forget these giants.



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