Public Mint Users Can Now Connect with Ethereum’s DeFi and CeFi Ecosystem

Public Mint Users Can Now Connect with Ethereum's DeFi and CeFi Ecosystem

Public Mint announced a new integration that will surely have significant results for its users. The integration with USDC will allow Public Mint users to connect to Ethereum’s DeFi and CeFi ecosystem.

In a nutshell, USD Coin (USDC) is now available for Public Min users. It connects the fiat-centric platform to lots of DeFi services running on Ethereum. USDC may be supported in many more platforms in the future, and the integration means Public Mint will be connected to those services, too

Bridging the Gap Between Fiat and Crypto

Stablecoins are great solutions for bringing fiat money to the cryptocurrency world. They make it possible to trade against fiat money (like USD) in cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides, people around the world can store value and prevent inflation consequences in developing countries by holding their money in the form of a safer currency like USD.

USDC is a US-regulated stablecoin with more than $24 billion circulations. Lots of blockchains support this stablecoin, among which Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, and Stellar are the most famous ones. Public Mint added the support for this stablecoin to expand services to its customers.

As a result of the latest integration, Public Mint Partners can deposit from or withdraw in USDC. So, they can convert their USDC holdings from Ethereum and other blockchains to the Public Mint platform. It will make it possible for institutional and individual partners of Public Mint to access the EARN program easier. The integration is now available in the Public Mint web wallet and will soon be ready for all users.

The integration of USDC will have lots of great results for Public Mint. Paulo Rodrigues, CEO of Public Mint, said:

“Integrating USDC is a major step forward in the Public Mint roadmap, and we are extremely satisfied to have now closed the deal. USDC is one of the most trusted and regulated stablecoins, and it has a truly global footprint across multiple networks. This makes it the perfect tool to connect Public Mint to the major blockchain ecosystems, starting with Ethereum.”

Public Mint’s EARN program is a plan for institutional and individual users to have access to the highest-earning opportunities. With the latest integration, crypto-native users can deposit their holdings in USDC to the Public Mint platform and benefit from the EARN program. Public Mint also provides risk management and additional insurance coverage in the EARN program that somehow mitigates the risks of investment for users.

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