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Provide and Chainlink Collaborate in Enterprise API Development

Provide and Chainlink Collaborate in Enterprise API Development

Provide Technologies is the latest partner of Chainlink. The new partnership covers integrating Chainlink to Provide API.

After the integration, enterprises will have access to a low-code framework for building with Chainlink. It somehow gives them access to Chainlink data that van be used in DeFi or other kinds of dApps. Provide says the API will offer the following features to developers:

  • Access Chainlink data feeds by way of the Provide API
  • Enable simple turnkey deployment of Chainlink nodes into your own infrastructure
  • Allow enterprises to consume premium Chainlink data without needing to acquire or hold cryptocurrency to interact with the network

Chainlink can benefit from the significant enterprise customer-base from Provide Technologies. Its oracle solutions will now be in the hand of more enterprise users who use Baseline Protocol from Provide.

The two firms will continue collaboration to add more integration in APIs. Oracle API and node orchestration are among future phases. Enterprise users can use the new API anywhere as a Docker container and use it by running any of the Provide API clients. The ultimate stage of this partnership takes shape in Unibright, the no-code zero-knowledge workflow designer based on Provide API. Developers will be able to use Chainlink oracles within that platform.

Providing solutions to the enterprise community has significant importance for Chainlink to grow its reach. Daniel Kochis, Head Chainlink Business Development, says:

“We’re excited to accelerate the adoption of Chainlink oracles in the enterprise space by working with Provide. They not only offer enterprises an API for consuming Chainlink data and turn-key deployment of Chainlink nodes but Provide helps abstract away the use of cryptocurrency by allowing enterprises to pay with traditional payment methods while still facilitating native crypto payments to blockchain infrastructure providers.”

“Provide offers solutions to enterprises to use new blockchain-based technologies with less need for coding knowledge. When it offers Chainlink features to the existing and new customers, they can get Chainlink data, run a node, and pay for services using traditional methods with less upfront development work,” according to Kyle Thomas, Founder and CEO of Provide.

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