Privacy Enhancing Blockchain Aleph Zero Partners with Nightly Wallet

Privacy Enhancing Blockchain Aleph Zero Partners with Nightly Wallet
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Aleph Zero, a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) layer 1 blockchain that aims to improve privacy, has teamed up with Nightly Wallet, a multi-chain Web3 cryptocurrency wallet, in an effort to bring the utility of “AZERO.ID,” considered to be the first-ever domain service offering private domain-to-domain asset transfers, to users in the ecosystem and boost the network.

On September 7, Aleph Zero took to X to unveil the new partnership that will bring Nightly Wallet’s browser extension and mobile wallet to Aleph Zero and provide access to the AZERO ecosystem for their existing user base on Aptos, Sui, and Solana. The move aims to push the Aleph Zero network forward to keep pace with the burgeoning blockchain technology.

How will the new partnership help?

According to the official blog post, the integration will be available in all browser extensions initially and will be available on mobile devices later on. With the new collaboration, users will be able to send funds directly through Nightly Wallet to other AZERO.ID domains will help to remove the complicated aspect of wallet addresses and make the wallet easier to use and more accessible.

It will further increase blockchain interactions and gain increased protection from inputting the wrong address and reduce the ability to commit “address poisoning attacks,” where hackers send fake transactions from lookalike addresses to victims, hoping that the user copies and pastes the wrong address from their transaction history. Aleph Zero noted, 

“Our goal is not just to simplify Web 3. We also aim to enhance the user experience by making it safer to navigate and operate within Web 3.”

Aleph Zero Gathers Steam

This comes hot on the heels after Aleph Zero rolled out AZERO.ID, is the leading domain service for the Aleph Zero and Substrate ecosystem, marking a remarkable journey of innovation, community building, and the realization of a groundbreaking vision.

On-chain domains by AZERO.ID will help to improve the UX of the entire Aleph Zero ecosystem. The new offering aims to provide better security against phishing and other crypto-related scams. In addition, it will boost the user experience of on-chain domains since it’s the first time users can leverage their identity via a domain without revealing their wallet balances and on-chain activities.

Aleph Zero Gathers Steam

Aleph Zero has been making tremendous progress over the past few months with the platform opening its Mainnet to community validators and inking several partnerships with various crypto projects.

Recently, the privacy-enhancing blockchain announced a partnership with Ledger, the firm behind different hardware wallets like Nano S and Nano X, in an effort to increase the accessibility and security of its native token, AZERO, coin management for users.

In March 2023, Aleph Zero partnered with C14, a fiat on-ramp provider, to launch its first fiat on-ramp compliance platform enabling users to interact with AZERO, the native coin of the Aleph Zero blockchain, and to buy the digital token directly to the user’s wallet.


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