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Mass Popularity of BTC Cloud Mining Services

Mining of virtual cryptocurrencies is reaching its climax over the past 10 years, especially this concerns minting of the most trending crypto — Bitcoin. By all means, there is a Bitcoin mining madness in the society fueled by an unprecedented crest of hype surrounding the virtual currency. Every person wants to get their own lumpy piece of the juicy BTC pie and cloud crypto mining offers the easiest way for BTC mining online, thus managing to circumambulate purchasing super expensive mining hardware (ASIC rigs in particular). This being the case, BTC mining in the cloud poses multiple opportunities for cloud mining crypto with minimal investments and easy exit points when the crypto market is too volatile and unpredictable.

Fundamentally, cloud mining Bitcoins is an extremely smart way for an avid cloud BTC miner to mine the “golden standard” of all cryptocurrencies by renting hashing power from a cryptocurrency mining company that runs hosted data centers in specialized facilities. Here, the cloud miner leases or rents the preferred hashrate for mining BTC from a Bitcoins mining website by buying a BTC mining contract with a specified (oftentimes customized) tariff plan and duration. It is noteworthy to point out that a cloud mining service acts as an official reseller of available BTC hashrate capacities and distributes the mining rewards in accordance with the contract specifications. There can be the following BTC mining contract types:

  1. Limited;
  2. Lifetime.

As a rule, a person makes a one-time payment for a chosen BTC mining cloud contract and the mining platform takes care of the rest. Some contracts on mining Bitcoin website services may contain provisioning of maintenance fees for serving the mining equipment, cooling equipment, electricity costs, and alike. But that is not the case with the Hashing24 mining site, which provides an all inclusive pricing algorithm. The following information will be dedicated to one of the most renowned and popular providers in Bitcoin cloud mining — Hashing24 (H24).

Hashing24 as Official Reseller of BTC Hashrate Capacities

H24 has long been known to the BTC miner online community due to its established reputation as a trustworthy Bitcoin cloud mining service provider and flexible BTC mining contracts. The company is officially registered in Ireland and acts in accordance with EU regulatory compliance. Interestingly, its massive popularity was mainly established back in 2014, when H24 officially partnered with influential and gigantic Bitcoin mining company Bitfury. After partnering with Bitfury, H24 was able to put up for sale huge BTC hashrate capacities and this was the turning point in its developmental stage. Now hashing24 has multiple suppliers of crypto hash rate capacities and its presence on the Bticoin mining arena is undisputed.

One of the most peculiar characteristics of H24 is the fact that the company is entirely focused on mining the most liquid and scalable virtual currency — Bitcoin. In essence, Bitcoin is the trend setter in the mining industry and Hashing24 focused on provisioning first class BTC cloud mining service whereas customer satisfaction is prioritized to the maximum. The site offers numerous tariff plans for automatic cloud based mining of Bitcoins, ranging from one year to 3 years respectively. The key metrics of BTC hashrate is TerraHash per second and the user workflow is extraordinarily simple and intuitive. The site offers versatile payment methods varying from popular fiat currencies like euro and US dollars to crypto and domestic online banking.

Stunning Features Offered by BTC Cloud Mining Site H24

In sync with BTC cloud mining contracts, the site offers great features to ease up the user experience and supply its customers a better way to manage their investment portfolios. One key feature that stands apart is the Trading Room. It is an exclusive software tool developed by the H24 team that allows to trade Bitcoin mining contracts just like market orders on conventional online crypto trading platforms like Kraken, Binance or Coinbase. More specifically, it allows platform users to dissect and merge Bitcoin mining contracts and trade them on the Trade Desk. There is no need to download or install anything — the entire workflow is automated to the maximum and traders can speculate, buy, sell, re-sell and HODL BTC mining contracts the way they want.

For more detailed and analytical information, the H24 site renders free access to Bitcoin mining profitability calculator and demonstrative mining of virtual currencies. The calculator allows users to estimate future profits or losses involving BTC cloud based mining and choose the right contract for non-stop mining via the cloud. Lastly, demo mining opens up as a great way to test virtual cloud mining without risking any real capital.

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