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PowerPool Launched Yearn Lazy APE; an Index of Yearn v1 Vaults LP Tokens

PowerPool Launched Yearn Lazy APE; an Index of Yearn v1 Vaults LP Tokens

Yearn Lazy APE is a portfolio index consisting of Yearn V1 vaults LP tokens. PowerPool announced the launch with details about the contract address and liquidity instructions.

Besides, the team will boost the rewards to promote the Laze APE index. The new index is attractive for those users who look for more chances in their DeFi investments. Yearn Lazy APE especially helps vault investors that distribute their money between multiple pools.

More Reward Chance for Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers are essential actors in the DeFi community. They hold their tokens in the hope of rewards from trading fees. DeFi platforms always try to attract more LPs to be able to provide more trading pairs. Some teams offer investment tools and strategies for investors that help them receive better rewards from their holdings.

Yearn vaults are a group of these solutions that work based on automated capital management strategies. Some investors have portfolios of Yearn vaults to minimize their risks and maximize the rewards. Yearn Lazy APE is a new solution for these investors. It’s an AMM pool with dynamically adjusted weights according to TVL in Yearn’s Vaults.

PowerPools says that Yearn Lazy APE comes with boosting rewards for interested users. The team details the option in the latest announcement:

“Powerpool is boosting rewards for our beloved Lazy APEs with 150,000 CVP from the Boost Reserve. Every LP will get CVP/block reward share which corresponds to their share in overall staked CVP in the YLA boost program. To activate the boost, an LP should deposit .05 CVP per YLA. The maximum boost will be .25 CVP per YLA.”

Yearn users – mostly LPs – are always looking for better pools and vaults to maximize their rewards. They want pools with more trading volume and more fees that result in more earning for them. Migrating between vaults is a standard action in the LP community. Solutions like Yearn Lazy APE give them ease of mind and migrates automatically. In simple terms, the APE moves the holdings between vaults following the community choice.

PowerPool’s dynamic AMM is the backbone of Yearn Lazy APE. It executes the weight changes using PowerOracle v2. The interest in using vaults that can be measured by TVL tells the mechanism when changing the vaults.

Yearn Lazy APE will work as a trading paper on Yearn. It will have the deepest liquidity in the market and creates a new use-case for the ecosystem. Users can swap vaults easier and change investment strategy in one swap that creates many opportunities for LPs.

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