Polyhedra Launches New Staking Program with $1.13M in Rewards

Polyhedra Launches New Staking Program with $1.13M in Rewards
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  • Polyhedra Network has launched its Staking Program, allowing users to earn rewards for supporting the network.
  • After resolving a trademark dispute over the term “ZK,” the network is ready to offer staking services.
  • Users can earn rewards in the form of various cryptocurrencies, including ETHFI, ID, and CYBER, during the staking event.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Polyhedra Network has joyfully announced the launch of its Staking Program.

This exciting development comes after the resolution of a trademark dispute related to the term “ZK”, allowing the network to move forward with its staking services.

With this new program, users have the opportunity to support the Polyhedra network and receive rewards for their contributions.

By locking their ZKJ tokens, formerly known as ZK tokens, participants can help validate transactions and secure the network’s blockchain.

In exchange, they will receive rewards in the form of different cryptocurrencies, such as ETHFI, ID and CYBER.

The launch of the staking program represents a significant milestone for Polyhedra Network and its community.

In addition to offering the possibility of earning passive income, this move demonstrates the network’s commitment to innovation in the DeFi space and its ability to overcome challenges.

The trademark dispute over the term “ZK” generated controversy in the industry, but was ultimately resolved to the Polyhedra Network’s satisfaction.

This resolution allowed the network to continue using “ZK” as part of its identity , paving the way for the launch of the Staking Program.

Polyhedra launches new staking program with $1.13M in rewards

Polyhedra Network has introduced an open source ZKP-focused repository

This repository will provide users with both basic and advanced knowledge about ZKP, with regular updates to keep the community informed of developments in this field.

Users will be able to access a wide range of educational resources, including tutorials, technical documents and practical examples, designed to facilitate the understanding and implementation of Cero Knowledge Tests in various blockchain projects.

This educational approach aims to empower the community of cryptocurrency developers and enthusiasts, encouraging deeper knowledge and broader application of this innovative technology.

The launch of the Polyhedra Network Staking Program marks an important step in its evolution as a DeFi platform.

This program not only offers a new way to engage with the network, but also provides a tangible opportunity for users to monetize their cryptocurrency investments.

By attracting more participants to the ecosystem, the staking program contributes to the security and stability of the network, strengthening its position in the DeFi market.


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