Polygon 2.0 Successfully Launches POL Token on Ethereum Mainnet

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Polygon, a leading Ethereum scalability solution, has recently reached a significant milestone on its path to transforming the “Value Layer” of the Internet.

After months of development, community consultation, and a successful testnet deployment, the POL token is now live on the Ethereum mainnet.

POL, described as a next-generation hyper-productive token, is set to power a vast ecosystem of zero-knowledge-based Layer 2 chains.

What sets POL apart is its native replenishment protocol, which allows POL holders to validate multiple chains and participate in various roles within those chains, such as sequencing, zero-knowledge proof generation, and data availability committees.


The plan includes launching a new staking layer to support Polygon’s Layer 2s, upgrading Polygon PoS to zkRollup technology, and implementing an advanced ZK-based shared liquidity and interoperability protocol for all Layer 2 chains.

Existing Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM users and MATIC holders do not need to take immediate action. This update will not disrupt your current systems, as all existing contracts will continue to function as intended.

For those interested in participating in the governance process and providing input, a discussion is taking place on the Polygon Labs forum.

Node operators and stakers are also not affected by this update, Polygon Labs has reported.

Polygon 2.0 on Ethereum Mainnet

You are encouraged to provide feedback on changes to Polygon Improvement Proposals (PIPs) and to keep an eye out for new node software releases on Github and the official forum.

They advise application and tool developers to review relevant PIPs, provide feedback on proposed changes, and evaluate the impact of these changes on their smart contracts.

Fortunately, application developers on the Polygon PoS platform will not experience disruptive changes.

The launch of POL on the Ethereum mainnet represents a substantial step for Polygon, signaling its commitment to improving scalability and interoperability in the Ethereum ecosystem.


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