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Payza stands out by offering Bitcoin services

Digital currencies are an unavoidable reality in global businesses, and their acceptance grows and imposes itself as an alternative. That is why in the universe of the platforms it becomes indispensable its adoption. One of the main global payment platforms – Payza – announced on May 15 that it would include bitcoin in its payment options and treat it like any other normal currency. Platform users can now keep their bitcoins directly in their eWallets, and use them to make payments. In addition, Payza users can instantaneously send and receive bitcoin to and from other members, which is an advantage that will undoubtedly enhance this platform.

Payza serves traditional and emerging markets, offering 26 currencies and serving more than 13 million members in more than 190 countries. The payment company also offers a wide range of integrated tools, including online payment processing, global online money transfers, fraud detection, subscriber billing, transaction dispute resolution, exchange services and global payments.

With the formal adoption of this service now Payza is in full capacity to treat Bitcoin like any other currency. This means that each Payza member can now have Bitcoin in their eWallets and send and receive Bitcoin throughout the Payza network, just as they would with USD, Euros or Sterling.


Merchants who use Payza to process payments online will also have the option of receiving bitcoin as payment for their products. With the announcement of May 15, in addition to being able to convert bitcoin to normal currency automatically, traders also have the option to keep those payments in bitcoin in their eWallets. Traders will also have the option to set their prices directly in bitcoin without setting that price in a traditional currency like US dollars.

The rate for these services of Bitcoin will have a cost of approximately 1.2 percent per transaction, which is lower than the standard Payza payment rate of 2.9 percent and a surcharge of $ 0.30.

In addition to the features announced, Payza will present more characteristics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrenciess in the coming weeks. They are on the way to launch complete services of digital currency exchange, providing to the current and future enthusiasts of these the possibility to interchange dozens of cryptocurrencies.

With this service Payza becomes the first multinational payment processor that allows users anywhere in the world to use bitcoin like any other currency. The move of the company could influence many other payment processors to arise and start offering bitcoin services to its users, given that Payza is also one of PayPal’s biggest competitors. Users of the world of digital coins are the big winners with these trends.

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