Earn Passive Income Through Ethereum – What To Do and How Much Can You Earn?

Earn Passive Income Through Ethereum - What To Do and How Much Can You Earn?
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Ethereum is a renowned decentralized blockchain network. It runs mainly on smart contracts. These can be classified as applications bound to perform exactly how they are programmed. They minimize the risk of fraud and any external intervention because they operate on predefined terms. For investors it is one of the most valued cryptocurrencies, as it is possible to generate passive income with Ethereum.

Initially, the network adopted a wider use of the proof-of-work algorithm. Considering how it offers miners rewards for validating transactions, there loomed a threat to security. It has recently shifted to the proof-of-stake mechanism by keeping such a possibility in mind.

Earn Passive Income Through Ethereum - What To Do and How Much Can You Earn?

The transition is widely known as the Merge and was carried out to make Ethereum as energy efficient and sustainable as possible. Furthermore, The Merge extends a helping hand to users who desire to generate a passive income.

Earning Passive Income Through Ethereum

There are several ways via which users can earn passive income in eth. Here, we have mentioned five ways to do so.

1. Ethereum Staking

Staking is one of the most popular ways to earn passive income with Ethereum. However, this method is an expensive alternative for an amateur investor. Investors have to deposit 32 ETH to run a full validator node. An investor can choose to stake ETH from the following networks.


When you stake your ETH using Lido, the network tokenizes the staked funds into ST tokens. They are later on pegged to the underlying assets on a 1:1 ratio. This move inevitably makes the staked funds liquid. Similarly, these would be used in a DeFi system.


ANKR staking makes it possible for ETH investors to stake all their holdings in the Ethereum Liquid Staking Tokens. These are more commonly referred to as ankrETH. Similarly, there are no recent stakes that allow getting aETHb tokens. It is worth mentioning that older stakes using these tokens would continue generating rewards. Similarly, users can swap these aETHb tokens with ankrETH, but the supply is very limited.


Right after the Merge took place, Binance announced that it would offer investors the opportunity to stake Ethereum in exchange for rewards. However, users can stake the token and earn an annual yield of 6% at the start. The platform offers an APR of up to 11.20%. Thus, Binance offers the highest percentage of returns compared to other exchanges and networks.

2. Yield Farming

Yield farming is another method that allows users to earn passive income through Ethereum. Users must stake their ETH or other coins to liquidity pools on different decentralized exchanges. This move eventually grants them the provision of rewards.

Yield farming platforms encourage the swapping of a token for another. Traders are bound to pay a certain amount of fee when trading cryptocurrencies. Later, this fee is divided between farmers contributing to that pool’s liquidity. The reward completely depends on the pool’s liquidity provided by the farmer.


To earn passive income with Ethereum using Uniswap, investors must invest some of their holdings in the network’s liquidity pools. Similarly, users can even opt for the Uniswap website but should be wary of cyber attacks.

Yearn Finance

By depositing ETH into its vault, it becomes possible for users to earn a passive income because they yearn. Similarly, stablecoins are bought against an investor’s deposits. Anyone who provides liquidity to the pool receives a token that serves its purpose as proof of participation in the pool.


Users can use Curve to stake their ETH. The first step required you to link your wallet with Curve. You must choose the wallet that has your stETH. The next step is to search for the stETH pool, and you can select from the options of depositing as well as deposit and stake in gauge. The final step is to confirm the transaction, and that’s all there is to it.

3. Crypto Lending

Through lending, investors usually let other users borrow their cryptocurrencies for a considerably high-interest rate. This can be done using either centralized or decentralized lending platforms. When it comes to using a centralized platform, users are mostly carefree when it comes to security, authentication, and data storage. These platforms include a high-interest rate as well. It is also important to ensure that centralized platforms will likely face hacks and data breaches. Some platforms that offer lending services include:


Investors can use their staked crypto in Nexo to earn interest and a steady passive income. However, earning interest is dependent on the total staked crypto. Similarly, investors can earn up to 20% interest depending on the amount staked.

Earn Passive Income Through Ethereum - What To Do and How Much Can You Earn?


All users have to do is stake their ETH on the Compound network. The greater the amount of staked ETH is, the higher the earnings will be. The next step involves the installation of MetaMask. On the other hand, an investor would then transfer their ETH to MetaMask and enable ETH on the Compound app. The final step is supplying money to the Compound, and that’s pretty much it.


AAVE fully enables the creation of liquidity pools and enables lending out many cryptos that include ETH. Similarly, before borrowing, a user must post collateral. This is done to safeguard a user’s assets.

4. Run Your Own ETH Validator Node

ETH holders can run their own validator nodes to earn passive income. These nodes allow users to process transactions easily and even secure the ETH network. To do so, an investor must first stake nearly 32 ETH beforehand.

5. Ethereum Trading Bot

Users can use bots for automated trading of Ethereum. These bots are software programs that use pre-programmed algorithms, allowing them to buy and sell crypto round the clock. However, these bots can be configured entirely depending on the market situation.

Users can enjoy a greater percentage of profits if bots for automated trading are set up correctly, but the potential risks must also be kept in mind. Apart from that, these bots could be better. In some situations, they buy either too late or sell too early. Therefore, an investor must keep checks themselves as well.

Key Differences Between Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake Consensus Mechanism

How Much Passive Income Can I Earn with Ethereum?

Using Ethereum is a known way to earn passive income in the crypto space. However, a considerable upfront investment is required to do so. As far as earned income is concerned, it purely depends on the investment and the tokens staked. Users can gain yields varying from 3.86% to 5.1% depending on the type of network and exchange they use. Similarly, a lot of them do offer much greater returns.


It is important to understand the volatility of the crypto market, including potential risks. High volatility may result in a decent profit but may often result in a greater loss. With the already-mentioned strategies, users can use them to earn passive income. These would inevitably turn out to be vital to offset any possible losses.


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