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OUNA: P2P blockchain ecosystem for recruitment and evaluation of personnel

Among the areas in which the blockchain projects are being highlighted, we can mention the financial area, development of scalability solutions, developments in artificial intelligence, marketing, e-gamming, among others. However also in the area of ​​human resources blockchain is proving to be very useful. This time we will talk about a platform of services blockchain for human resources, whose ICO is about to be launched: OUNA.

OUNA is defined as the first blockchain-based peer-to-peer ecosystem focused on personnel evaluation and recruitment. The OUNA platform provides a solution in which exactly matches the requirements of the company with the skills of employees, ensuring that everyone benefits.

The OUNA platform is designed for employees and employers with a criterion of justice based on motivation, and a proprietary system called Analyzer, whose benefits are its main strength. Analyzer is an online pyramid assessment tool that results from 15 years of research and has been tested in more than 100 real-life case studies, according to its developers.

OUNA’s pyramid evaluation methodology has been developed by a multidisciplinary team that involves psychologists, human resources specialists, and developers. Normally a pyramid evaluation can be completed in just 15 minutes.

After a candidate makes an evaluation, OUNA uses its algorithms to analyze the results of the evaluation, thus creating an accurate profile of the candidate for the recruitment process, determining the needs of the human resources recruiter. OUNA simultaneously searches its extensive database of candidates, and accurately identifies the most suitable candidates for any position, thus allowing the perfect match between the employer and the employee at all times, based on the qualitative data obtained.

OUNA: Employement selecction blockchain platform

An important aspect is that thanks to the benefits of the platform, the reduction of costs and the elimination of intermediaries in the selection and recruitment processes is achieved. For their part, candidates also benefit, not only by finding their ideal jobs but also by receiving a number of OUNA tokens, which feed the value ecosystem.

The evaluation of the OUNA candidate produces a completely anonymous profile, based strictly on parameters such as individual skills, motivational factors and values. OUNA thus guarantees equal opportunities. OUNA will help in the fight against discrimination against a job applicant due to the race, religion, gender, nationality, age or disability of the person.

The OUNA token is the utility token of the platform, and is compatible with the ERC20 standard. This token can start collecting from the moment the candidate uploads their data and CV to the platform, in addition to undergoing the evaluation that we have already commented. There are also more possibilities to earn these tokens through audits of profiles, claims, verifications, etc. OUNA is also developing a set of premium services that can be accessed with OUNA tokens that include a warning robot to keep premium users updated in their job search, and a geolocation service that will allow premium users to enter to the group of workers looking for positions in specific places.

OUNA plans its ICO in two phases; the pre-sale from June 1, and public sale will be from July 1 to July 30, 2018.

To know more details about this platform, we recommend checking your White Paper, as well as following them at their Telegram channel to stay updated on news.

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