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Opera Now Allows Users to Purchase Ethereum [ETH] through Its Android Wallet

It is now possible for Opera mobile browser users to purchase Ethereum cryptocurrency through the in-browser integration provided by the popular browser.

Thanks to a partnership between Opera and European online cryptocurrency brokerage services provider Safello, Opera users based off Sweden, Norway and Denmark will be able to top-up their ETH wallets in less than a minute.

According to its Wednesday press release, Opera said that this feature is part of Opera’s strategy to “eliminate hurdles associated with the use of crypto.”

Back in December 2018, Opera introduced a Web 3.0 ready mobile browser with integrated features for Ethereum wallet support. Coupled with this, the browser shipped with added support for a decentralized applications (dApp) explorer. This was a trail-blazing feature as no other major browser offered such capability.

European online cryptocurrency brokerage services provider Safello

According to the announcement, Safello will conduct KYC for Opera users through both BankID and NemID to allow them to use the service. Once they have been verified, they will be able to purchase crypto using their credit and debit cards through trusted payment networks, such as Swish in Sweden. Users from Norway and Denmark will pay 5% of transaction value in fees while those in Sweden have been provided a special discount of 2.5% fees on their transactions.

 According to Charles Hamel, Product Lead for Crypto at Opera, this move will make it easier for Opera users to buy cryptocurrency contributing to wider crypto adoption.

“We think that the next important phase for crypto will come from usage and that for it to reach wider adoption, it has to be easy to buy and easy to use. We believe that the browser will be the entry point for these use cases. Thanks to our partnership with Safello, we are taking one more step towards this vision,” he said.

Frank Schuil, CEO of Safello also expressed similar sentiments and his enthusiasm on the partnership. In a statement, he said,

“With Safello brokerage on the Opera mobile browser for Android, both new and experienced users can now easily transact cryptocurrencies in the most secure and fastest way possible. The functionality to purchase crypto is right at their fingertips.”

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