Opera Launches “Web3 Guard” to Protect Users from Crypto Related Attacks

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Multi-platform browser, Opera, has launched a new set of security tools to protect users against Web3 related scams such as malicious decentralized applications (DApps), seed phrase phishing attacks and other cybercrimes.

Crypto scams have increased manifolds as researchers have detected a triple-digit increase in registered domains in 2022, compared to last year. These scams have become highly sophisticated where small-time scammers and more advanced cyber-criminals’ band together, allowing them to automate and streamline operations. On December 15, crypto exchange and custodian, Gemini suffered a phishing attack that resulted in hackers getting access to nearly 5.7 million customer email addresses and partial phone numbers.

A Safer Web3 Browsing Experience

Touted as the “world’s first native Web3 browser”, Opera seems to be committed to help users guard against suspicious websites, network hacks and various scams that have plagued the crypto ecosystem. According to the official blog post, the new set of security tools dubbed as “Web3 guard” will enhance the browsing experience for Web3 users.

One of the main features of the security suite is “DApp Check”. This feature will scan for known security risks associated with DApps including suspicious code, security vulnerability and audit history allowing users to check whether the application has been compromised or safe to use.

Another important attribute of the Web3 Guard is to scan web pages for plausible signs of exploitation such as common phishing keywords and properties, without compromising users’ privacy or personal data. Furthermore, the “Seed Phrase Phishing Check” feature has been designed to protect users from phishing attacks, where the attacker deceives the victim and manipulates them into sharing their private keys or other sensitive information.

Is Opera Different from Other Bowsers ?

Opera Launches “Web3 Guard” to Protect Users from Crypto Related Attacks

In addition, the crypto browser will also include a “Malicious Address Checker”, within the Opera Crypto Wallet that will screen recipient addresses against a list of known malicious agents and warn users if any suspicious activity is detected. In order to make crypto more accessible to users, Opera Crypto browser has integrated MultiversX and NEAR token added in the Opera Crypto Wallet including support for Binance Connect P2P payments

Danny Yao, Senior Product Manager at Opera explained that current browsers are not built to handle Web3 operations. He emphasized that the new Opera security suite will allow people to use Web3 applications in a safer way. Yao added,

“Most Web3 security tools currently available have complex user interfaces and hard-to-understand messaging, which doesn’t help users. In addition, having to download third-party security extensions increases the risk of downloading malicious software.”


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