OpenSea Celebrates Base Artists with ‘Get Based’ NFT Drops

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  • OpenSea launches “Get Based” series on Ethereum L2 Base network with digital artworks.
  • NFTs will be offered weekly and will be free or cost $5 or less.
  • Up to 15 artists participate, including Carty Sewill and Yiying Lu, among others.

OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, has announced the launch of a new series called “Get Based”, which will take place on the Ethereum L2 scaling network known as Base.

This series aims to highlight emerging artists from this network by offering digital artwork at very affordable prices or even for free.

The series will begin this Thursday with a reinterpretation of the iconic “Endless Summer” movie poster, by Carty Sewill, who is also an OpenSea employee.

The “Get Based” series will feature the works of up to 15 artists throughout the summer, with weekly releases available on both the OpenSea website and the Farcaster social media protocol.

Each release will be an open edition, with prices set at $5 or less, and some will even be free.

Confirmed artists include Jhekub, creator of RGB Punks; Hun, creator of “Primitives”; meme artist Cryptic Poet; Yiying Lu, creator of X’s “Fail Whale”; illustrator Subwway and Thank You Base God, who recently ran a free NFT mint on Base that resulted in over 181,000 mints.

Base has become an important part of OpenSea’s focus in recent months, as the market has begun to embrace the growing NFT scene on this chain, which does not yet feature high-value collections like those found on the Ethereum mainnet or on Solana.

The “Get Based” series is designed to not only introduce collectors to this new network, but also to highlight artists with unique styles and help them grow within the broader NFT community.

Additionally, the company offers the ability to transfer assets natively to Base and the option to purchase with fiat currency and credit cards through an integration with MoonPay.

OpenSea Celebrates Base Artists with 'Get Based' NFT Drops

Promotion of “On-Chain Summer II” on OpenSea Base

“Get Based” will take place in conjunction with Base’s upcoming “On-Chain Summer II” promotion, which will begin on June 3.

This promotion will offer over 600 ETH (nearly $2.3 million) in prizes, incentives, and gas credits across various projects and protocols.

OpenSea participated in last year’s promotion and was also a launch partner of Base.

According to Devin Finzer, co-founder and CEO of OpenSea, the Base ecosystem has proven to be a catalyst for new utility and creativity using NFTs.

OpenSea has supported Base since its inception and is excited to highlight emerging artists with unique artistic styles and grow their presence within the NFT community.

With this series and ongoing promotion, OpenSea reaffirms its commitment to supporting emerging artists and expanding the use of NFTs across different networks, offering both creators and collectors new opportunities to interact and thrive in the growing art world. digital.


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