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ONe: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and DAPPS in a social network

One of the best demonstrations of the versatility of blockchain technology is the one we are starting to see on social networking platforms. ONe is a new social network that uses blockchain to provide its customers with a wide range of digital services.

The ONe platform combines the latest in Blockchain, AI and Dapp technologies with integrated privacy and security features, to offer stakeholders the ability to control their data and have privacy at a level never before seen.

Social networks as well as entertain us, generate hundreds of billions of interactions every day, they can get many benefits, however, most of the channels where they are produced are owned by companies and private interests that collect them to obtain information and, often, they retain all rights to use the media developed and published.

Although we make use of them daily and have information about our public and private life, there is little clarity about what really are public and confidential data in today’s social channels.

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ONe A social network that watches over your safety

Children and young people are the ones who, on average, spend more time using social networks, and usually they are more prone to attack, intimidation, abuse and theft of important data through the messaging of these 2.0 platforms.

This scenario has led experts to develop safer places, where unfortunate scenarios such as cyberbullying, or pressure and harassment have no place and the system focuses on the renewed call for privacy and data control that occurs in many of the social networks of today.

Instead of centralized servers, data will live in decentralized systems to help ensure your security against corporate theft and misuse.

ONe’s mission is to position itself as a platform rich in features, designed to engage with anyone regardless of where they are in the world, by video, voice and text, without having an external or invisible force to hide and collect data on user input and habits.

For this they are developing an end-to-end encryption protocol that will encompass all communications and interactions, combined with a variety of tools that eliminate messages.

Thanks to the decentralized data and the load management, the elements considered as threats to the user’s privacy will also be eliminated.

ONe recognizes that its projection and services will need a variety of financing options and income streams to maintain long-term viability, so it will be in charge of combining a future market for the sale of goods and services with a native cryptocurrency and in turn will support the cryptocurrencies already established.

The ONe token will be the Onebit (OBT), it is a token compatible with ERC20 that will serve as a mechanism for the exchange of goods and services, it will also reward content creators buying premium content or subscriptions, donating to charities or to the crowdfunding on the platform.

To learn more about this platform, as well as about its OBT token, we recommend taking a look at its White Paper, as well as joining its Telegram channel.

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