Omni Network Unveils Octane: A High-Performance Blockchain for Seamless EVM Integration

Omni Network Unveils Octane: A High-Performance Blockchain for Seamless EVM Integration
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  • Omni Network’s Octane: A new blockchain framework combining Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with CometBFT consensus for high performance, featuring rapid transaction finality and low latency.
  • Innovative Technology: Utilizes Ethereum’s Engine API and Cosmos’ ABCI 2.0 to separate execution from consensus, enabling sub-second finality, minimal RPC latency, and high transaction throughput.
  • Interoperability Focus: Octane supports Layer 1 and 2 optimizations, is compatible with leading data networks, and mandates an IBC link with Omni Network to promote ecosystem unity.

The Omni Network has introduced Octane, a high-performance blockchain framework that seamlessly integrates the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with the CometBFT consensus engine. This innovative combination aims to harness the best of both worlds: the EVM’s rich ecosystem and developer tools, and CometBFT’s rapid finality and low latency.

Octane, a modular and open-source implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), is engineered to streamline the incorporation of the EVM into any blockchain-based application. It provides solutions to the scalability and upkeep issues that were previously associated with Ethermint, thereby offering a scalable approach to merge these two key technologies.

The core of Octane’s innovation lies in the utilization of Ethereum’s Engine API and Cosmos’ ABCI 2.0. The Engine API effectively separates the execution environment from the consensus engine, ensuring that transactions do not interfere with the blockchain’s consensus process. Remarkably, Octane is the first consensus implementation of the Engine API outside of Ethereum itself.

Octane enables developers to achieve finality in less than a second, RPC query latencies as minimal as 5 milliseconds, and remarkably high transaction processing capacity. 

Layer 1 and 2 Optimizations: The Versatility of the Omni Network’s Octane

Omni Network Unveils Octane: A High-Performance Blockchain for Seamless EVM Integration

This platform not only facilitates the development of Layer 1 networks optimized for performance, but also provides Layer 2 rollups such as Optimism, Arbitrum, and zkSync with the opportunity to deploy decentralized sequencers without compromising on confirmation speeds.

Furthermore, Octane’s compatibility with frontier data availability networks like CelestiaOrg and eigen_da paves the way for ultra-low latency and cost-effective experiences. Its modular design empowers builders to incorporate cutting-edge execution and consensus technologies as they emerge, supporting any EVM client and adaptable to optimized EVM implementations or alternative VM architectures.

The Octane framework, which is licensed under the GPL, includes an “Open Interoperability Requirement” that necessitates projects to set up an IBC link with the Omni Network within 90 days of being deployed in production. The goal of this requirement is to encourage interoperability and avoid fragmentation within the ecosystem.

Omni Network’s commitment to sharing insights and providing support to developers interested in leveraging Octane underscores the potential of this framework to set a new industry standard for running the EVM alongside fast finality consensus engines like CometBFT. 

The launch of Octane marks a significant stride forward in blockchain technology, offering a robust and scalable infrastructure for future blockchain applications.


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