OKX Exchange Resumes Operation After System Outage

OKX Exchange Resumes Operation After System Outage
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Previously, users faced an issue with accessing their wallets on the OKX exchange. Many wondered if the exchange ended up being a victim of a cyber-attack, but that wasn’t the case. On the other hand, many actually thought OKX faced an issue of solvency, despite there being no such thing. To calm the suspicions of the users, OKX took it to Twitter and clarified the situation. OKX Exchange tweeted that the platform faced an intermitter error with its cloud provider. However, it has now resumed operations.

OKX continued to update its users at intervals of a few hours. A few hours after the initial tweet, the exchange let everyone know that Alibaba cloud was still working on its HK Zone C equipment failure. However, OKX even clarified that it would resume all operations as soon as the problem was resolved. As time passed, the cloud service started to resume. As a result, the company enabled users to conduct a limited set of operations. However, the situation stabilized soon enough.

The exchange even let its users know that despite services being up, some of them were not fully stable. Keeping that in mind, the dev team was asked to stay vigilant and monitor any signs of potential problems. However, anyone affected by the outage was guaranteed to be compensated by OKX.

OKX is Back Up Again

This issue ended up getting solved in one way or another. Despite trading and withdrawals being resumed, the exchange made it clear that all funds were safe. It is worth mentioning that there was a pre-open period of approximately 20 minutes. This happened before normal trading was resumed. Apart from that, the exchange even understood that its dependency on a single cloud service provider was the issue.

OKX Exchange Resumes Operation After System Outage

To avoid such an issue from happening again in the long run, the teams at the exchange have opted for a different strategy. Currently, there’s a desire to implement a multi-cloud deployment plan. However, dev teams are expected to start working on it soon as well. When talking about its implementation, OKX stated that it would do wonders. A single cloud service provider would no longer affect any services. Furthermore, the long-term stability of these services would also be maximized.


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