OKCoin announced two new referral programs

OKCoin announced two new referral programs
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OKCoin started offering two new referral programs to attract more users to its ecosystem. The new applications provide rewards for both the user and the invitee. “Introducing two new referral programs. Refer your friends, and you both can get rewarded!” announced OKCoin on twitter.

New referral program

OKCoin, like many other crypto exchanges, tries to move beyond just trading services. It claims to work hard on creating an ecosystem around cryptocurrencies. Exchanges like OKCoin try to attract as many users as possible because the competition in the exchange industry gets tougher every day. Anyway, more users in any exchange mean more users in the crypto world overall.

Referral programs are one of the most prominent solutions that businesses use to grow their user base. Users who participate in referral programs, act as representatives of the company, and try to encourage others to join them. For any new user that joins the target company or platform from the referral link or invitation of the other, the first user gets a reward.bitcoin btc

OKCoin started offering two new referral programs as of yesterday. Refer a Friend is a program for users with low-volume trading activity. Any user that invites a friend to OKCoin may get a $10 reward in BTC if the invitee deposits and trades more than $500 in 180 days. The invitee will get that reward, too.

Affiliate Share is the other program that fits best with high-volume traders. The users who submit with this program can get up to 30% of their invitee’s trading fees in their first 90 days. Besides, the invitees will get $10 in BTC when they trade more than $3,000 within the first 180 days.

OKCoin members and their invitees should meet some recommendations to get referral rewards. The invited friend should register and pass Identity Verification (KYC) Level 2 first. The referral rewards are distributed daily at 4 am PST.

OKCoin warns all users about malicious acts like multiple accounts or using others’ identities or any other forbidden activity in the referral program. 


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