Official Accelerator of ICON Foundation ICON Hyperconnect Partners With BlockArrow Capital

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ICON Hyperconnect, ICON P-Rep official accelerator partner of the ICON Foundation, has partnered with a Chicago-based digital assets management fund BlockArrow Capital to further the growth of ICON ecosystem.

ICON Hyperconnect founder Markus Jun announced the partnership in blog post published on Monday, April 13. According to the announcement, the partnership aims to bring more investors and partners to the ICON ecosystem.

Markus Jun said:

“This partnership with BlockArrow Capital marks the first step in our mission of bringing more private and institutional investors into the ICON Ecosystem. We will be collaborating with them and their strong network in the US to further accelerate ICON.”

To start with mission, BlockArrow Capital will help ICON Hyperconnect to conduct its planned ICON Hyperconnect Hackathon by actively providing assistance in key areas such as developer outreach, networking, and marketing in the region.

The future endeavours include partnership with more ICON P-Reps to help accelerate P-Rep efforts across the board in the coming weeks.

ICON is one of the largest decentralized network of blockchain communities. According to its website, the ICON blockchain network is at the center of connecting different blockchains to build a more valuable and scalable network. ICON is scalable not only to public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also to other private or permissioned blockchains.


ICON P-Reps (public representatives) like Hyperconnect and nodes actively contribute to ICON ecosystem to provide a sustainable ICON network. According to the company, it blockchain technology is already being applied in in the real world such as banks, securities firms, hospitals, and universities.

ICON Hyperconnect is public representative and accelerator partners of ICON Foundation. The company also launched and manages the Seoul Launchpad of ICX Station—a separate entity to fuel the growth of ICON ecosystem that provides support and guidance to external blockchain projects that are interested in building compelling use cases and creating synergies within the ICON ecosystem.

ICON Hyperconnect announced the partnership with ICON Foundation and ICX station on March 31, 2020, with which it became the an official accelerator partner of the ICON Foundation and ICX Station.

What Are ICON P-Reps

At the core of ICON is a programme called ICONSENSUS which is comprised of four milestones that include P-Reps, C-Reps, Ecosystem Expansion Project (EEP), and DApp Booster Program (DBP).

P-Reps operate as full node and form the basis of a sustainable and secure network. Initially, 100 P-Reps are elected for ICON Network. The top 22 P-Reps also participates in block production, verification and making governance decisions.

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