Now You Can Monetize Your NFT Projects on Alibaba Cloud

Now you can Monetize your NFT Projects on Alibaba Cloud
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Alibaba Cloud announced the company is holding a summit to showcase its newest products and services during the event in Dubai.

An announcement regarding the summit was posted on Twitter.

“Are you ready to revolutionize your Internet business? Join #AlibabaCloudDay Dubai on 9 June 2022 from 9:15-14:00 (UTC+4)! Alibaba Cloud will invite industry experts to share their insights & experiences. Our latest products will also be announced.”

One of the most exciting products from the e-commerce giant is related to cryptocurrencies. Alibaba Cloud for NFT is the name of the new project that makes it possible for users to monetize their NFTs.

NFT Boom Continues

Alibaba Cloud can help you build your NFT marketplaces in a fast and reliable manner. Solutions like web hosting, digital marketing, and content delivery can help you accomplish this. Over the past few months, there has been a lot of engagement with this blockchain product from crypto enthusiasts. In addition to Alibaba Cloud’s new service, there are a number of other big tech companies that offer similar services. It offers many benefits.

Alibaba Cloud’s Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Auto Scaling feature are important elements of building an elastic web server for the NFT marketplace. The content you want to store in Object Storage Service (OSS) can consist of static content such as text and images, and you can store non-sensitive data such as a platform ID or a user alias in a database.

Alibaba Cloud NFT

There is another service that Alibaba Cloud offers to help businesses with the digital marketing of their NFT products. You can create efficient marketing channels by using Short Message Service (SMS) to send messages to your customers in a short span of time. The platform allows you to send promotional, notification, and confirmation messages in batches to customers throughout the world. Messages are routed by SMS using the best route available at the moment and are authenticated so that they are sent on time and safely.

As another benefit, Alibaba offers cloud services that make it easier to deliver content globally and distribute content. In delivering content to your NFT applications globally with high-performing content delivery, Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Server Load Balancer (SLB) ensure fast, reliable, and secure delivery of your content.

As previously mentioned, Classic Load Balancer (CLB) runs at Layer 4 and has maximum throughput support of 100,000 QPS, whereas Application Load Balancer (ALB) runs at Layer 7 and has maximum throughput support of 1,000,000 QPS.

There are numerous ways that Alibaba Cloud can help you monetize NFT while using the cloud service at different price points. There is also a range of varying prices, starting from free services to the full-fledged Anti-DDoS service with a cost of $27K per year.


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