Now You Can Buy Cryptocurrencies on iOS With Apple Pay From Metamask

Now you can buy cryptocurrencies on iOS with Apple Pay from Metamask

MetaMask announced the publication of a new version with numerous features, including the option to buy crypto with Apple Pay. According to a new tweet from the company, the new service is now possible with the help of Wyre.

MetaMask tweeted:

“MetaMask Mobile v4.3.1 is LIVE with some exciting updates: Buy crypto on iOS with Apple Pay (@sendwyre), more transparency when interacting with sites, & support for gasless transactions where relevant. Does it get any better? Yes, it does! We now have dark mode!”

Wyre is a regulated Money Service Business (MSB) that was established in the year 2013. Wyre is one of the world’s top cryptocurrency infrastructure providers, bridging the gap between traditional banking and digital assets. 

Compliance is an important aspect of dealing with the world of fiat money. Wyre believes that by utilizing blockchain technology, developers will be able to contribute to the development of trust in the network.

Because of the integration with Wyre, purchasing cryptocurrency on MetaMask’s iOS platform has become significantly easier. In addition to supporting debit cards, MetaMask Mobile now supports Visa and MasterCard credit card (ApplePay) transactions.

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Other Updates

The following changes are made to version 4.3.1. When a dApp seeks to provide an allowance, you will now be able to see exactly which contract is making the request, and you will have the option to label that contract so that you can recognize it more easily the next time.

The new possibility to purchase cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay may open the door to a large number of new customers entering the market. There are still a large number of mainstream people looking for simple ways to purchase cryptocurrency and break into the industry.

The burdens are being lifted one by one as a result of the efforts of teams working on solutions such as MetaMask. There are still a large number of wallets that are capable of supporting these services. More wallets that accept fiat to crypto payments are highly anticipated, and this is a great thing.

It is reasonable to anticipate that the market will grow more quickly as more people are able to purchase cryptocurrency using their fiat money. As a result of the influx of new users, more money enters the market, and more merchants adopt cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet service provider that is regarded as one of the best in the industry. Its most recent effort to support iOS demonstrates the team’s commitment to making the user experience as simple as possible. We may anticipate that more novel and yet useful functions will be introduced to this wallet in the near future.