Notcoin Launches Explore Platform for Web3 Projects Amid Competitive Market

Notcoin Launches Explore Platform for Web3 Projects Amid Competitive Market
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  • Notcoin Explore Launch: Notcoin, a major player in Telegram-based gaming, has introduced Notcoin Explore—a platform designed to accelerate Web3 project growth.
  • Challenges and Trends: Despite its promise, Notcoin faces challenges. Its market value dropped by over 35% in the past week due to increased competition from newcomers like Hamster Kombat, Tapswap, Blum, and Dotcoin.
  • Beyond Clicker Games: Notcoin’s founder, Sasha, plans to move away from simple clicker games. Instead, the platform aims for sustainable models that encourage long-term engagement.

Notcoin, a prominent player in the Telegram-based gaming sector, has officially launched Notcoin Explore, a platform aimed at accelerating the growth of Web3 projects. The announcement, made via X, outlines a streamlined process for launching projects and engaging users within the Telegram ecosystem.

Notcoin Explore promises to simplify the onboarding process for new Web3 projects, offering two main benefits:

  1. User Support and Rewards: Users can find and support new projects while earning rewards.
  2. Project Launch Process: Projects can quickly attract an active audience through an easy launch process.

Projects that are interested in joining Notcoin Explore can participate by clicking on the “I want my project here” button. Upon joining, they will have the ability to create campaigns, provide essential information, complete payments, and initiate their launch.

The platform has successfully supported the initiation of more than 200 projects, involving a grand total of 22.5 million users. Each campaign provides a minimum reward of $20,000 in Notcoin tokens, while the average cost per completed campaign falls between $0.1 and $0.2.

Notcoin Challenges and Market Trends

Notcoin Launches Explore Platform for Web3 Projects Amid Competitive Market

Despite the optimistic structure, Notcoin has encountered obstacles. The platform’s market worth has dropped by over 35% in the previous week, currently exchanging at $0.01036.

This decrease is associated with increased rivalry in the tap-to-earn cryptocurrency project industry. Fresh entrants such as Hamster Kombat, Tapswap, Blum, and Dotcoin are garnering significant attention from users.

Notcoin is broadening its scope by forming strategic alliances. The recent partnership with Helika, an AI-powered analytics company, led to the establishment of the Telegram Gaming Accelerator.

This collaboration is intended to promote the development and release of new mini-apps on the Telegram platform, creating more opportunities for game developers.

The CEO of Helika emphasized the significant potential for game developers to engage with Telegram’s extensive user base, with an emphasis on enhancing interaction and expanding their global presence.

The Telegram Gaming Accelerator assists developers in leveraging Telegram’s platform for games with simple gameplay and real crypto rewards. Notcoin itself quickly reached a $2 billion market capitalization after launch, although it has since retraced.

Transitioning Beyond Clicker Games

Notcoin’s pseudonymous founder, Sasha, plans to shift focus from simple clicker games, where users tap buttons to earn currency. Instead, the platform aims for sustainable models that encourage long-term engagement and revenue.

Sasha envisions Notcoin becoming a central hub for launching and supporting various projects, boosting demand for its token, and engaging users in new Telegram games.

The platform is set to launch a maximum of 100 campaigns every week, enabling users to receive rewards for taking part in various projects. This strategy, centered on user involvement and token functionality, aims to ensure steady expansion and lasting success for Notcoin and its related initiatives.


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