NFT DEX TriumphX To Integrate Chainlink Oracles For its NFT Marketplace SOLE-X

NFT DEX TriumphX To Integrate Chainlink Oracles For its NFT Marketplace SOLE-X
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TriumphX, a cross-chain decentralized non-fungible token (NFT) exchange, is going to integrate Chainlink Oracle services to provide real-time data for its upcoming NFT marketplace SOLE-X.

According to an announcement on Monday, January 25, TriumphX will leverage Chainlink services to provide “up-to-date information on sports players and their performance within matches in order to enhance the user experience of holding NFTs based on those players.”

SOLE-X is a cross-chain NFT marketplace by TriumphX that is built on Klaytn Blockchain protocol, with enhanced interoperability functions to enable cross-chain NFT transactions and exchanges. SOLE-X is scheduled for launch in March of 2021 and designed to overcome the limitation of current NFT marketplaces that only support users from the underlying blockchain network, and are inaccessible to users from other blockchain networks.

SOLE-X will use Chainlink’s decentralized oracle solution to connect game stats of sports players to the sports-based NFTs created on the platform. According to the announcement, SOLE-X will initially feature NFTs based on players in the Korea Baseball Organization (KOL). Given the ability of Chainlink oracles to connect with any outside data source, TriumphX will expand its collection of NFT assets across a wide variety of different markets in the future.

TriumphX said that it selected Chainlink because it was the most trusted oracle solution in the market, already securing billions of dollars in value for many DeFi, NFT, and gaming applications built on various blockchains. Chainlink will connect SOLE-X to real-time sports data, generating a highly interactive user experience, where NFT holders can closely follow their favorite players and keep up-to-date with their most recent stats and match outcomes.

The company believes that the combination of NFTs and oracles, referred to as dynamic NFTs, are only at the beginning of their development and have the potential to bring many exciting opportunities to this emerging digital space.

An official from TriumphX commented:

“The SOLE-X 1.0 platform is one of the first projects in the world attempting to map real-time game stats to NFTs. The fans can utilize the technology to predict game outcomes and feel the excitement of sports’ competition, which we anticipate will appeal to sports fans and serve as a foundation for the heightened interest in sports-based NFTs. By generating more consumer interest in NFTs, we can increase the on-chain and cross-chain liquidity of NFT markets, further supporting more growth in the industry.”

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