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Nexty: Cryptocurrency free of transaction costs to boost e-commerce

The impulse that cryptocurrencies have given to commercial exchange possibilities in digital media is indisputable. However, it has been demonstrated that when a cryptocurrency in particular when it grows in adepts it experiences serious problems such as the high transaction cost, and the delay in completing each transaction, which paradoxically makes it unusable for digital commerce operations that require immediacy. With the vision of being a cryptocurrency free of these problems, Nexty emerges, and we will talk about it here.

Nexty costs nothing in transaction fees, as well as in time for transaction confirmation. These procedures that are real obstacles to electronic commerce in the micro-payment process are no longer a problem with Nexty. This is made possible thanks to the proprietary technologies of Nexty, Instant Transfer and Zero Fee.

Nexty was conceived by its developers to support companies of all sizes and areas to overcome trade barriers. Nexty has three decisive factors: instant transfer, zero transfer fees and price stabilization system.

It is certainly commented in media related to the blockchain activity that there is an increase in Fintech initiatives especially for three reasons: there is a strategic contradiction between technology and finance because the market realities foster short-term thinking. However, a forex platform is required with transactions that take place in a short time, and low costs of transferring funds. This can be fulfilled with the dual cryptocurrency confirmation system (DCCS) invented by Nexty. With the dual cryptocurrency confirmation system, all transactions will be transferred almost instantaneously at no cost.

The Dual Cryptocurrency Confirmation System (DCCS) includes two types of cryptocurrency that work in parallel. The first NTY call is the primary cryptocurrency to use in daily transactions. The other called NTF, is for the transaction confirmation system. The transaction confirmation system is based on a point-to-point network with specific criteria to meet the operational requirements. The advance here regarding the other cryptocurrencies is that instead of charging per transaction, those that are the holders of the second type of cryptocurrency will receive a small amount of cryptocurrency at the lower rate at the end of each month. This will allow transaction fees to be zero while guaranteeing benefits to people who contribute to the transaction confirmation system.

Shortly after the ICO, Nexty will launch the RESTFUL API access on its Nexty.io website to work with other companies to build an ecosystem that Nexty can use as a currency or new payment method. With this combination, users will soon have access to the Nexty ecosystem and will use Nexty as a real wallet for daily transactions.

To participate in Nexty ICO, the precondition is to have Nexty account properly through this link.

To learn more about Nexty, you can review your White paper.

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