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cryptocurrency news crypto economyLatest news about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies focused on companies in the sector.

More and more companies are starting to use blockchain and are entering the world of cryptocurrencies, which makes this technology increasingly closer to being used by the people.

In this section, we will publish the latest news about the companies that use or want to start using blockchain in their day to day, the mergers and collaborations of these and all the news of interest always under the journalistic rigor that characterizes us.

Naga and Ontology announce their partnership

Naga and Ontology have announced through a press release on Medium that they will work together to develop applications, create a new public blockchain...
Blockchain Gambling

Luckchemy – unique iGaming platform based on Blockchain

iGaming has been a niche of great growth since the beginning of the Internet itself. It is no coincidence that with the advent of...
Bacoin la nueva criptomoneda de Oscar Mayer

Bacoin: Oscar Mayer’s criptocurrency

The understanding of cryptoeconomics is taking important steps among large industries in various sectors. Such is the case of the famous brand Oscar Mayer,...
Blockstack and Shapeshift are offering $ 50,000 to developers

Blockstack and Shapeshift are Offering $50,000 to Developers

Thousands of coins have been created, many of which are thriving in the coin market. Every bounty collector, crypto investor and trader knows it...
Large companies increasingly dominate Bitcoin mining

Large companies increasingly dominate Bitcoin mining

The vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin was to create a peer to peer decentralized platform that would not have a central...
Venezuela offers 30% discount on oil to India, if you pay with Petro

Venezuela offers 30% discount on crude to India, only if purchased with Petrocoins

The government of Venezuela is looking to give some traction to its controversial cryptocurrency, the Petro, and they may finally achieve it if India...
Philippines legalizes Ico

The Philippines legalizes exchanges in its special economic zone

10 Cryptocurrency-related companies will benefit from a new legal framework that would allow them to operate in a special economic zone, in the Phillipines. The...
Vpe bank the first German bank that trades with cryptocurrencies

VPE Bank expands its business to trade with cryptocurrencies

The VPE Bank based in Germany, has announced that it will be the first German bank that deals with cryptocurrencies, this service will be...

The RBI Restrained from Banning Cryptocurrencies In India

An Indian company which plans to sell its digital token in August has obtained a court order stopping the Reserved Bank of India from...
Chilean banks must reopen crypto exchange accounts

Chilean banks ordered to re-open crypto exchange accounts by Court

A Chilean crypto-trading platform will see its bank accounts available again, after a court ordered two financial institutions to re-open them. Buda, one of the...

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