New Partners Join the Shardeum Ecosystem; Solus and wowTalkies

New Partners Join the Shardeum Ecosystem; Solus and wowTalkies
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Shardeum has recently announced exciting partnerships and new members joining its ecosystem, including the renowned wowTalkies and Solus.

Expansion Continues

According to the announcement, Shardeum is thrilled to welcome wowTalkies to its ecosystem, a unique fan engagement platform for movie enthusiasts on Web3. 

The platform allows fans to become super fans, with support from communities, studios, and celebrities. wowTalkies aims to democratize fan engagement and provide rewards through an engage-to-earn model, enabling content creators to monetize their content. The platform boasts AR, AI, and other tech-led utilities on collectibles and operates on web3 and mobile platforms.

As part of its collaboration with Shardeum, wowTalkies will migrate and test its web marketplace on the Shardeum testnet by the end of March 2023. 

The mobile app will follow suit. Shardeum will also host wowTalkies’ NFT collections and collectibles upon its mainnet launch.

In another announcement, Shardeum expressed delight in welcoming Solus to its ecosystem, a gamified derivative trading platform that combines community and fun.

Solus intends to attract trading enthusiasts and helps novice traders become pro-future and options traders through gamification. Its multi-level game and real-time derivative features teach users complex derivatives while minimizing losses.


Since launching its MVP in February 2023, Solus has garnered over 126 wallets and 100+ users on its platform. It has already integrated with Shardeum, with all wallets created on Shardeum’s network. Solus also offers 100 coins worth 10 cents to every new user, which can be used to purchase and hedge positions in crypto, stock, and forex derivatives markets.

Overall, these new partnerships and members joining Shardeum’s ecosystem are essential to the growth and development of the blockchain industry. 

Collaboration and teamwork are vital to unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology, as different projects can complement each other’s strengths and expand their user base by leveraging each other’s networks.

The addition of wowTalkies and Solus to Shardeum’s ecosystem provides users new and exciting ways to engage with the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. It enables fans to become more involved in their favorite movie franchises while giving trading enthusiasts a fun and innovative way to learn and trade derivatives.

As Shardeum expands its network, more users can discover new and exciting blockchain services through its partners. This can help increase overall adoption and mainstream acceptance of blockchain technology.

Therefore, partnerships like these are crucial for creating a thriving and diverse blockchain ecosystem that can attract new users and provide them with innovative solutions that cater to their needs.


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