NetworkUnits: Revolutionizing Digital Gaming

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The global gaming industry is booming. Worth over $100 billion dollars, increased gaming time by participants has led to greater revenue generated by way of digital assets, as well as extension of pay to play licenses.

However, there are many challenges associated with the industry – for example, multiplayer functionality can be expensive to integrate, incentivizing gamers can be tricky, matches aren’t always fair for players, and massive games require massive infrastructure.

NetworkUnits is a decentralized platform that utilizes Ethereum blockchain and its smart contract functionality. The system is designed to address the limitations in the gaming industry by being a reliable, scalable and cost effective system.

The NetworkUnits token drives the economy of the structure – NetworkUnits has a unique mining process with two very different ways to mine for these tokens. The platform allows Service Providers or Masternodes to share their unused bandwidth and processing power with developers in exchange for the currency. Gamers are incentivized to play by mining for tokens.

Building an Attractive Network

Taking advantage of unused processing power and bandwidth is one of the top features of the system. By utilizing resources that would otherwise be wasted, NetworkUnits ensures a solution that is cheaper than dedicated hosting providers or cloud services. Other attractive features of NetworkUnits include:

  • Reliable platform: Service Providers earn more tokens for providing reliable service. Also known as Masternodes, Service Providers are responsible for verifying each other. In addition, Masternodes can act as relays for other Masternodes hosts. If a failure occurs for one host, another host can take over.
  • Active Clients or gamers link their wallets to the NetworkUnits gaming account and earn tokens as they also verify Service Providers, creating a stronger and secure network. The distributed system and relays also combat network latency and down-time.
  • In-built cross platform reputation system: A collaborative player in one game will likely be matched with collaborative players in all the games on the NU infrastructure. This system supports gaming communities seeking a minimum score or a particular type of player. The anti-cheating mechanism is also built in the framework to prevent cheating and encourage fair matches. Third party companies, who often take control of thousands of dollars worth of gaming assets due to fraud and cyberattacks, are eliminated.
  • Multiplayer functionality: NetworkUnits offers the system on the Unity Asset Store (a popular third-party marketplace for the Unity Engine). Unity Asset developers save time by not having to develop complicated network code. It also allows for faster time to market.

Traditional multiplayer platforms are normally expensive for developers. With the NetworkUnits platform, developers can focus on game or app development without worrying about price or upkeep. Developers select the criteria they require versus the price they are willing to pay in order to use the infrastructure.

An Innovative Solution

The decentralized NU platform offers a more resilient and faster solution to traditional infrastructures. In addition, the sharing economy bypasses the middleman, providing an ecosystem that reduces costs and maximizes profits for all involved participants.

The NU Token presale begins on November 8, 2017. Funds raised during this sale will be used for marketing the upcoming main Initial Coin Offering (ICO) event. The company’s main ICO event will begin November 23 and last through December 22. For more information on the project, you can review the whitepaper here.


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