NEM Group Launches Three New Website As Part of Its New High-Level Marketing Plan

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After moving all three entities of NEM ecosystem— NEM Foundation, NEM Studios and NEM Ventures— into a single common governance framework, NEM Group, open-source decentralized blockchain platform has announced a new high-level marketing plan for 2020. All these measures are to support the launch of new blockchain, named Symbol..

According to an announcement on early Friday, May 29, NEM Group has launched three new website as part of its high-level marketing plan. These websites are, refreshed website for all information about NIS1;, a new website with all the latest updates, information, resources, and support for Symbol;, new website to explain the NEM ecosystem. and are both phase 1 versions of the sites and further updates to these will come in July or August.

The announcement says:

The websites will help visitors understand the similarities and differences between Symbol and NIS1 as platforms brought to you from NEM and how the NEM ecosystem fits together.”

According to another announcement, containing details about this high-level marketing plan, these new websites will form the cornerstone of NEM Marketing for 2020.

The NEM Group recently announced its new Interim CMO and new marketing plan, which builds both NEM and Symbol as strong brands. Dan Booby, new CMO of NEM group, will lead this marketing plan.

According to the company, this marketing plan aims to is to provide a detailed Symbol launch plan and delivery, thus providing certainty around the launch.

NEM group said that the focus for marketing in 2020 is to build community engagement, drive awareness and understanding of the NEM ecosystem, create an effective content and channel marketing strategy, and ultimately to “support the launch of Symbol and position the platform for Enterprise engagement and adoption.”

NEM Group, about Symbol, said:

We will position Symbol at the forefront of the next evolution of blockchain and need to quickly establish the brand and platform as credible, professional and relevant to Enterprise customers, without losing its authenticity as a technology for developers, encouraging exploration and experimentation.”

Symbol or Symbol From NEM is a next generation, open source decentralized blockchain platform from NEM that connects businesses to blockchain, helping them to reduce cost, complexity, and find new ways to create value. According to an article published earlier explaining Symbol, the testnet was launched in January 2020 and mainnet is to expected to be launched in Q4 2020.


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