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NAU: New platform for tokenized digital marketing

In digital marketing, one of the most beneficial models for retailers is the CPA, because they can pay for the customers’ shares and can easily calculate profits. However, due to configuration difficulties and relatively high expenses, the CPA model can only be successfully implemented by large companies, and in practice forces retailers to market their services and products through traditional advertising media. (commercial media, social networks and contextual ads), which in no way guarantee an increase in profits.

NAU  is a platform with blockchain technology in which entrepreneurs can attract clients without having to depend on intermediaries. They will be able to save money on marketing and directly reward their member-users for deriving new customers to their businesses on the platform.

Therefore, each customer will indirectly become a promoter of the business and get rewards from retailers for bringing their friends and acquaintances to the NAU platform.

NAU also provides special channels through which retailers can reach their target audience, as well as a convenient and flexible tool to create unique offers.

Editors and opinion leaders will be able to obtain economic benefits from their followers in an effective way. For even more conversions, NAU provides an API to target subscribers with offers they are likely to be interested in.

Operating principles of the NAU platform:

The retailers generate special offers for potential customers in the form of discounts, bonuses or second free items. Retailers use NAU tokens to pay for each exchange of offers.

Consumers find retailers through the mobile application with geolocation module or website.

Users will receive a 95% reward in tokens for each user that refer to the platform that takes advantage of a retailer’s offer. The NAU platform receives the other 5% of the amount of tokens awarded to the referent.

NAU tokens will be used as a reward for attracting new customers and as a payment method to expand a retailer’s marketing. In addition, they will be added to an exchange. The tokens are expected to be used to pay for special offers in the future. This, coupled with the absence of additional hidden emissions, will lead to continued growth in the price of NAU tokens.


The ICO will begin on November 29, 2017 and will end on December 29, 2017.

The cost of 1 NAU token will be 0.04-0.06 USD depending on the stage of the ICO.

Minimum investment: no minimum

Total amount of NAU tokens that will be available for purchase: 1,000,000,000

To know more details of the project, you can check their White paper.

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