Namada Launches Incentivized Testnet with 3% Supply Rewards

Namada Invites Community to Exciting 'Protected Expedition': An Incentivized Testnet
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Namada, the privacy-focused layer 1 blockchain, has announced an exciting event for their community: the “Namada Shielded Expedition”.

This event represents a unique opportunity for validators and users to test the network in an environment controlled before the official launch of the mainnet.

The “Namada Shielded Expedition” is a massively multiplayer testnet with a focus on roles, designed as the last phase of testing for the protected community.

Since its first testnets in January 2023, involving only 11 validators, the community has grown significantly.

Today, hundreds of individuals and institutions participate, with more than 250 pre-genesis validators launching and maintaining each public testnet.

Namada’s main goal is to provide privacy to all multi-chain users, and this event is key to achieving that vision.

Participants can join as “Pilots” (validators) or “Crew members” (users).

During the expedition, they will engage in an asteroid mining competition, accumulating points known as ROIDs.

These ROIDs are converted into NAM tokens, and will be distributed 30 million of these tokens to the most successful participants (equivalent to 3% of the total supply)

To participate, Pilots and Crew Members must register by a specific deadline.

Those who register before the genesis period will receive NAAN, the testnet’s native currency, in the genesis block.

Those who join later will be able to purchase NAAN from a specific tap

The event is divided into several phases, from registration to the expedition phase, during which participants will be ranked in real time on a public table called Nebb, based on the accumulated ROIDs.

It is important to note that this event is not an easy walk: it requires preparation, strategy and adequate resources to compete effectively.

Namada Announces Challenger Testnet: 'Shielded Expedition' for the Blockchain Community

Familiarity with command line tools is essential to participate.

This massive testnet and its focus on privacy underscore Namada’s commitment to creating a secure and private ecosystem for users of blockchain.


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