Nafter and Voice NFT Platforms to Enter the NFT Space by this Summer

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While 2020 was the for decentralized finance (DeFi) explosion, 2021 is seeing NFT space skyrocketing to new highs. With this, new projects are emerging. Nafter and Voice are the two latest platforms that have announced their entry to this space by this summer.

Nafter- An NFT Social Network and Marketplace

Nafter team introduced their NFT platform in a press release on Wednesday, June 2nd. Nafter will be an NFT social network and marketplace powered by its $NAFT token. As a social network, the platform will enable influencers to convert memorable photos into digital collectibles that can be acquired by followers.


Nafter will be an easy-to-mint NFT platform where influencers and celebrities can create NFTs that capture a moment in time. An NFT can be minted on Nafter just by uploading a photo which can then be posted on the Nafter marketplace for buying and selling.

The platform will be powered by its $NAFT governance token and promises a 0% fee on Nafter transactions. The total supply of $NAFT will be 1,000,000,000 and currently, is listed on Pancakeswap. Users have to stale $NAFT on profiles to see the content. Nafter will use a tier-based approach to reward its members in the staking pools. These tiers will be Fanboy (5,000 $NAFT), influencer (50,000 $NAFT), and celebrity (250,000 $NAFT with verified badge).

A minimal viable product will be launched in July with a global launch scheduled in Q3 of 2021. Apart from influencers, Nafter is open to photographers, artists, sportspeople, musicians, celebrities, and creators who want to dive into the NFT space.

Voice- A Carbon Neutral NFT Platform

Voice will be a Carbon neutral NFT platform based on the EOSIO blockchain. The platform is specially designed for professional emerging artists and creators.


The Voice platform is currently in private testing, with a public beta launching in summer 2021. The first Voice NFTs will launch via its NFT Residency program. The Voice’s NFT Residency program brings together established visionaries in arts and culture to launch the initial collection of NFTs on Voice. The members of the Residency program work directly with the Voice technology team to launch their NFTs.

The NFT Residency Program uses the ‘Raise Our Voice’ to help emerging creators through grants, access to technology and engineering resources, mentorship from leaders in their creative fields, and a lifetime royalty on their work.

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