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Mycelia Proyect: blockchain may catapult the music industry

We do not need to say again that blockchain has come into our lives to make it better. Only the lack of knowledge of the subject or the foolishness could indicate the opposite. Thanks to the benefits of blockchain many situations of everyday life in the most diverse areas will have for the first time a chance to be treated with real transparency, justice and security. Blockchain is much more than cryptocurrencies, it is an evocation of justice made technology. And precisely in terms of doing justice there is an industry in which for decades things have not been the most just for its main players: the music industry. In this opportunity we will talk about a project that seeks to take advantage of blockchain technology in order to successfully catapult, security and justice to the music industry, it is the Mycelia Project and its Creative Passport.

Creative Passport  is the name of this project powered by blockchain technology, whose vision and purpose is to make musical works both past and present of authors, composers and artists are impeccably identified, thus facilitating the flow of payments of the corresponding rights, and encouraging collaboration between the interested parties and music users, in an environment that promotes creativity and allows opening infinite possibilities.

The project has just over three years of preparation and progress, and is already in the preliminary stages of launching its ‘Creative Passport’, which will consist of a point-to-point verified digital identity standard that, among other things, will contain artist profile information , author and verified composer, all their identifications, their recognitions, relation of their works, edited works, versions, commercial partners and payment mechanisms, which allows sharing talents, skills and projects to be able to find and link with our artists , collaborators and even fans.

Mycelia is about bringing to the music industry a platform of decentralized government, which will encourage music creators to reclaim the space that belongs to them and that is due to them. The problems of unfair distribution of the resources collected for copyright are very frequent. With the support of blockchain technology Mycelia seeks to help make that situation the axis of being so for authors, composers and artists.

Mycelia with its Creative Passport offers a template of smart contracts that will allow quick and easy direct payments to help simplify and democratize the collaboration of commercial partnerships between parties related to the music industry.

The holder of a Creative Passport can establish various types of permits in the configuration of their passport, which allows their team and / or representatives to act on their behalf. Only the owner of Creative Passport can decide this type of permission.

Creative Passport services will be free for music creators. Access to the Creative Passport database will be a subscription service for companies that wish to link and take advantage of their valuable database, or offer their services to Creative Passport holders. The economic benefits obtained will be used to maintain the service and to the Creative Passport holders respectively.

Mycelia is a non-profit company. For more information about Creative Passport, we suggest visiting the Mycelia website, as well as following them on Twitter.



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