Mt. Gox Creditors See First Repayments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash After 10 Years

Mt. Gox Creditors See First Repayments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash After 10 Years
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  • Mt. Gox Repays Creditors After Decade: Mt. Gox, the infamous cryptocurrency exchange that collapsed in 2014, has finally started repaying its creditors after a long wait. Eligible creditors will receive their funds in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash through designated crypto exchanges.
  • Market Jittery About Repayments: The repayments have caused some jitters in the crypto market as investors fear creditors might sell their recovered assets, leading to a price drop for Bitcoin.
  • Rehabilitation Trustee Assures Creditors: Mt. Gox’s rehabilitation trustee has assured creditors that the repayments will continue safely and securely. They aim to distribute the owed funds according to the rehabilitation plan.

Mt. Gox, the infamous crypto exchange that collapsed in 2014, has finally begun repaying some of its creditors. The rehabilitation trustee announced today that eligible creditors will receive payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash through designated crypto exchanges.

Repayment Process

The trustee will make payments following the rehabilitation plan, using a portion of the specified cryptocurrency exchanges. Creditors who meet certain criteria, such as account verification and agreement with designated exchanges, will receive timely payments.

Engaging in discussions with the trustee is also a key aspect of the process. Earlier today, Mt. Gox moved a significant sum of 47,228.7 BTC (equivalent to around $2.71 billion) to a wallet.

Through several transactions, they transferred 1,545 BTC (approximately $85 million) to a hot wallet on the cryptocurrency exchange Bitbank. The price of Bitcoin experienced volatility, dropping below $54,000, and currently hovering above $55,500, reflecting a nearly 4% decline in the past 24 hours.

Market Impact

The broader crypto market witnessed over $665 million in liquidations across centralized exchanges within the same 24-hour period. Mt. Gox’s ongoing movements for payout have contributed to selling pressure on Bitcoin, as reported by Coinglass data.

The long-awaited repayments have sparked excitement in the crypto market. However, the recent transfer of 3,000 BTC by Mt. Gox has raised concerns about further declines in Bitcoin’s price. Recipients eagerly await their newfound assets, wondering how they will handle them.

Mt. Gox Creditors See First Repayments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash After 10 Years

Mt. Gox’s Strategy

The exchange’s rehabilitation trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, confirmed that repayments are underway. The transfers involve 2,702 BTC sent to new addresses, including 1,157.1 BTC to address “bc1qkj…ug68h” and 1,544.67 BTC to Bitbank.

Mt. Gox aims to continue repayments securely and safely, assuring creditors of their rightful claims. Mt. Gox’s creditor repayments mark a significant milestone after a decade of waiting. While the market remains cautious, the exchange’s actions signal progress and renewed hope for those affected by the 2014 collapse.

Despite prevailing market apprehensions, numerous analysts anticipate a recovery in the fourth quarter or early next year.

Recent factors such as the fourth Bitcoin halving and the approval of spot BTC and Ether ETFs in different jurisdictions have not correlated with the ongoing stock market surge. Technically, Bitcoin’s price may encounter robust support around $52,000, potentially leading to additional losses for altcoins.


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