MoonPay Launches the Payment Infrastructure on Polygon

MoonPay Launches the Payment Infrastructure on Polygon
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MoonPay, the leading crypto payment provider, announced plans to launch the platform on Polygon blockchain. The latest news comes after many blockchain projects have decided to launch on Polygon and benefit from its various features compared to similar networks.

The most important benefit for services like MoonPay is low gas fees that helps them offer more attractive services to users. MoonPay launching on Polygon means many services can integrate its tools on Polygon and provide payment solutions easier and faster.

Professional Payment Solutions on Polygon

Crypto payment solutions are becoming a norm in the industry. Many firms and projects work on this concept and try to connect the traditional and innovative payment solutions. MoonPay is one of the most famous companies in this section that provides payment infrastructure for cryptocurrencies. It has been successful in attracting considerable users and partnering with financial companies.

MoonPay has a suite of services that offer conversion services between fiat and cryptocurrencies. It connects almost all major payment methods, including debit and credit cards, local bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. the company has decided to bring its services to Polygon to benefit from its numerous features and serve many projects launching on this blockchain.

As mentioned above, MoonPay provides converting fiat and digital currencies. Its services can help numerous payment solutions launching on Polygon. They can easily integrate MoonPay and provide payment services to their customers. Supporting various payments solutions from Visa and MasterCard to Apple Pay and Google Pay means dApps can offer lots of payment solutions to their users on Polygon using MoonPay.

MoonPay Sell is one of the most successful products of MoonPay that will surely help DeFi platforms on Polygon. According to Polygon announcement:

“MoonPay Sell is now live in the USA for seamless crypto-cashouts via ACH direct deposit.MoonPay will soon support the purchase of NFTs on ERC 721 and ERC 1155 priced in USD and ETH. MoonPay’s exclusive on-and-off-ramp solution blends together the fiat and crypto aspects of a transaction to offer a first-of-its-kind NFT offering that’s safe and secure.”

Payment services need to have various features to prevent fraud and offer practical tools to their users. MoonPay provides many of the primary tools they need.

Fraud detection with KYC methods, chargeback protection, and the innovative approach to AML are some of the benefits MoonPay provides to customers.

Combining services with fundamental technologies on Polygon helps MoonPay offer seamless payment solutions to customers with faster speed and more security.

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