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The investment market based on loans and placements has been one of the most fertile sectors for blockchain tokenized proposals. In this sense we will talk today about Monetize Coin and its proposal.

Monetize Coin is defined on its website as the world’s most advanced monetization and lead generation system, and not just another lending platform, but a new generation of lending platform.

With its automated business-level traffic arbitration platform, it outperforms the so-called “volatility bots” of other competitors for the profitability of investors. With full transparency and a real-time view of their trading traffic system, users can see the investments work for their portfolio.

The generation of returns for investors is achieved through the granting of loans and placements. They offer loans and capital placements, not mining services since their native currency is an Ethereum ERC20 token and mining does not work with that commercial model.

The loans generate the highest returns for investors, using the capital assigned by the Monetize Bot to generate a high daily dividend, since the capital is blocked for an agreed term, being able to better manage the cash flow, which allows them to offer a much higher daily dividend payment.

Placements are made through the platform, mobilizing the funds in a wallet for this purpose and daily interest is generated in those placed currencies, with availability to withdraw at any time you want and can also cancel the placement at any time.

The Monetize platform uses the Monetize Bot to generate a monthly return for investors, at a fixed interest rate.

Monetize Coin recently launched its ICO on January 22, 2018, which will run until February 14, 2018.

Every 3 days there will be a total of 900,000 MNZ Tokens available for purchase. The MNZ Token will exist in the Ethereum Blockchain, and its starting price is $ 0.37 per token.

To further increase the value of the tokens, Monetize Coin will execute a token repurchase program. At the end of each month, a percentage of the profits will be used to buy and burn chips. This reduces the supply and increases the price of the token in exactly the same way that a public company could carry out a share buyback program to return returns to investors.

To participate in the ICO, simply deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum in your MonetizeCoin online wallet, acquire MNZ tokens either during the ICO, the integrated exchange or through their external exchange partners.

A curious detail is the anonymity so far shown. Why the anonymity? On its website, Monetize Coin explains that they would love to show who is behind the platform. While they believe that ICOs are a legitimate and fascinating way for a company to raise money from investors around the world, the legality of ICO’s financing model has not yet been fully tested in many countries. The Monetize Coin team feels that cryptocurrencies must remain anonymous and free from the regulation of any central government.

To know more details of this project, you can check their White paper.


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