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Meter Integrates Chainlink’s Oracle; Bringing Price Reference Data Into The Development Ecosystem

Meter announced a new partnership with Chainlink to bring Price Reference Data for its development community. Chainlink which is enjoying the growing number of companies and projects integrating its Oracle solution announced the partnership in Twitter:

“Low-volatility money protocol @Meter_IO is making # Chainlink’s Price Reference Data available to #DeFi dApps built on its platform. This provides Meter w/ access to the largest collection of on-chain price feeds for creating a variety of financial assets,” tweeted Chainlink.

Oracle Solution Aimed at More Accurate DeFi Applications

Many developers use Meter platform to make decentralized financial applications (DeFi). Most of these applications need reference data from other blockchains or even off-chain sources.

Oracle is the standard solution for this situation that provides accurate real-time data to decentralized applications. Chainlink is one of the leading Oracle providers that attract many clients because of the decentralized nature in its platform. Meter is the latest client that integrates this oracle.

Meter developers can soon have access to real-time on-chain and off-chain data thanks to Chainlink’s Price Reference Data. They can make smart contracts more accessible and integrate them with more accurate data.


Besides, they will have access to Sybil resistance node operators within Chainlink that will help them make new oracle networks connected to premium API data sources.

Meter believes that the integration with Chainlink will provide many opportunities for their development community.

“We are excited to announce that we will be integrating Chainlink’s Price Reference Data into decentralized finance (DeFi) applications built on top of Meter! This provides Meter developers with access to the largest collection of on-chain price feeds for a wide variety of financial assets, including cryptocurrencies, FX rates, commodities, indices, and more,” according to a blog post by Meter.

Chainlink and Meter have some features in common. Chainlink is built on Ethereum and Meter is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine. Besides, they have a shared validator community. All of these standard features makes integration more straightforward.

“We’re excited to supply Meter with secure and reliable price oracles to ensure that financial applications built on Meter execute on-time based on highly reliable and manipulation resistant market data,” according to Head of Chainlink Business Development, Daniel Kochis.

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