Masa Launches its zk-data Network Powered by Avalanche

Masa Launches its zk-data Network Powered by Avalanche
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In a groundbreaking move, Masa has launched its zk-data network, a marketplace built on a subnet powered by Avalanche’s AvaCloud. This innovative platform is set to disrupt big tech data silos, incentivizing a consented and verified data marketplace between data providers and consumers.

Masa, known for pioneering cutting-edge zero-knowledge and fully-homomorphic cryptography, is now constructing the world’s largest, most secure, and resilient zero-knowledge data network. This launch marks a significant milestone in Masa’s journey, building upon the success of Masa 2.0, which was the first project to build upon Vitalik’s novel concept of Soulbound Tokens (SBTs).

The rapid AI revolution has forced unprecedented demand for massive and diverse amounts of data beyond just identity data. Masa 3.0 is positioned to power this AI revolution, expanding its identity-data focus into building the world’s largest zk-data marketplace and network. 

Masa 3.0: Expanding the Horizons of AI with zk-Data Marketplace

Masa Launches its zk-data Network Powered by Avalanche

Masa’s new platform is designed to be scalable, secure, and resilient, offering a global data marketplace where data is private by default. It aims to engage millions of businesses with billions of users in a new data paradigm. The platform empowers businesses and developers to access and engage a global pool of privacy-preserved user data to power new products and AI applications.

Masa’s zk-data network is a game-changer for the AI era, where high-quality, mass amounts of unbiased, and verifiable training data are required to power AI models. Currently, such internet-scale user behavioral datasets do not exist due to big tech data silos. Masa’s zk-data network is set to break down these barriers, ushering in a new era of privacy-preserved AI. 

Masa’s zk-data network has already garnered significant recognition, winning the #1 voted project in Binance’s Most-Valuable Builder Accelerator S6 & Coinlist’s Seed Program. As Masa continues to innovate and disrupt the data marketplace, the world eagerly watches what this new era of privacy-preserved AI will bring.


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