Manta Pacific Adopts Celestia’s Modular DA Solution for Reduced Transaction Fees

Manta Pacific: First Ethereum L2 to Adopt Celestia for Modular Data Availability
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The Manta Pacific blockchain ecosystem has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first major Ethereum Layer 2 in implementing Celestia’s modular data availability solution.

This transition, aligned with its roadmap announced in October, marks a crucial step forward for Manta Pacific as it fully integrates Celestia into its network main.

The adoption of Celestia’s data availability solution aims to address the growing transaction volume and ever-increasing demand on the network.

This partnership will allow the ecosystem to handle expanding demand efficiently, while also using the revenue generated by the sequencers to finance goods and new growth initiatives in the ecosystem, thus driving the next wave of fully on-chain applications and use cases.

Kenny Li, co-founder and main contributor of Manta Network, highlighted the importance of this transition, emphasizing that the successful adoption of the Manta Network solution Celestia’s modular availability will allow Manta Pacific to attract the next generation of users and cultivate the most active ecosystem on the blockchain.

Li highlighted the importance of a modular approach rather than a monolithic one, allowing Manta Pacific to remain adaptable and grow in tune with the ever-evolving web3 space.

Manta Pacific achievements are not limited to this partnership alone

With total value locked (TVL) reaching $65 million, the Manta Pacific ecosystem is in full bloom.

This transition to Celestia is seen as a testament to the growing interest and relevance of the modular blockchain structure.

Manta Pacific Adopts Celestia's Modular DA Solution for Reduced Transaction Fees

By separating critical functions such as consensus, execution, and data availability into dedicated layers, scalability is achieved without compromising security and verification.

The integration of Celestia’s modular data availability solution into Manta Pacific represents a crucial step towards greater scalability, reduced gas rates and the ability to meet the growing demand in its ecosystem.

This modular approach aligns with Manta Network’s broader vision of providing an adaptable and user-friendly environment for zero-knowledge applications in the web3 space.


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