Manta Network Announced NPO; More Privacy for NFT Sector

Manta Network Announced NPO; More Privacy for NFT Sector
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Manta Network is on a mission to safeguard NFTs and uphold privacy with its novel NPO platform.

Privacy Comes First

With the NFT Private Offering platform, users can easily create NFTs and soulbound tokens without fear of compromising the privacy of their crypto assets.

To expand its privacy-preservation support to more decentralized asset classes, Manta Network has taken the initiative to include NFTs and SBTs in their MantaPay protocol. The Manta team brings privacy to web3 through their ZK technology, which allows for the creation of private non-fungible crypto assets like SBTs and NFTs using their upcoming platform, the NFT Private Offering (NPO).

Manta’s NPO platform is poised to transform how users generate and mint zkNFTs/zkSBTs. NPO utilizes Manta Network’s zkAddress tooling and MantaPay ZK circuit to privately mint NFTs/SBTs on zkAddress while using public tokens to pay minting fees. 

This unique product empowers anyone on the Manta platform to launch zkNFTs/zkSBTs without any technical or cryptographic expertise.

The integration of zkNFTs/zkSBTs allows for the speedy development of applications on mobile, opening up new opportunities for developers to create zkNFT/zkSBT projects including DApps, and projects based on NPO.

Manta Network’s zkSBTs are set to revolutionize the way Soulbond Tokens are used. These digital identity tokens are built on blockchain technology and offer greater privacy and security features than traditional SBTs. With zkSBTs, users can maintain ownership privacy while easily minting and verifying tokens, providing an enhanced user experience.

Manta Network’s mission to become the privacy hub for web3 is evident through their innovative zkSBTs. These tokens are designed to provide a chain-agnostic experience, allowing users to launch them on various chains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon while maintaining privacy credentials through zkSBTs on the Manta Network’s chain. 

One of the key technologies developed by Manta Network is the zkAddress. This reusable, independent, and auditable address is ideal for safeguarding private assets in Manta. A zkSBT is bound to a single zkAddress, which allows for multiple zkSBTs on one zkAddress, but one zkSBT can only be minted on one zkAddress. With metadata that includes PFP, photos, social graphs, and web2 handles, zkSBTs are highly customizable.

Deploying a Manta zkSBT is a breeze with the SBT SDK, an extension of the MantaPay SDK that has abstracted away the complexity of cryptography. Manta Network has made it easy for any developer to understand and use zkSBTs, ensuring that their privacy is maintained without any compromise.

In a world where privacy is of utmost importance, services like NPO can be incredibly valuable. They provide an added layer of security, making blockchain more accessible for all users, even those without a technical background.


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