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Ledger to include wallet-to-wallet exchange

Radar Relay, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange startup, has recently made public it is supporting Ledger hardware wallets.

Past Wednesday, the 0x orderbook provider announced its integration with the aforementioned brand of wallet devices, which will allow owners of these to make transferences of ether (Ethereum’s native currency) or any ERC-20-based token, directly between Ledger wallets. In order to do so, users just have to connect their devices, open their Ethereum application, and select the Radar Relay app. Then, they have to set up their gas price and tokens, and proceed to realize the transference.

This movement is mostly notable for being the first time a decentralized exchange allows for trading funds directly between hardware wallets. As a consequence, it has been received positively by the community, gaining Radar Relay’s official Twitter account more than 10,000 followers. Some users have addressed the move as “an early glimpse of the future”, and recognized Radar Relay and the 0x project to be “paving the path towards a market without authorities”.

About Radar Relay

Radar Relay is a startup based in Colorado, USA, that act as a “relayer”, an exchange technology that allows to book orders without holding the user’s assets or executing trades themselves; in other words, it works off-chain. Once they find and complete orders, relayers settle them on the Ethereum blockchain through 0x smart contracts. 0x is a project that aims to facilitate trading between ERC20 tokens.

According to its official website, they’re still in beta phase and thus are not charging fees for using its services. Once the beta concludes, they will update its fee structure and users will have to use ZRX tokens (0x’s token) in order to pay such fees.

About Ledger

Ledger Technologies Inc. is a French hardware wallet developer and security company, headquartered in Paris, with a production facility in Vierzon and offices in San Francisco. According to its official website, it is currently integrated by a team of 80 collaborators, and it offers solutions for both particulars and enterprises.

They are the creators of the popular hardware security wallet Ledger, which have sold more than one million units in more than 165 countries, making the company a reference in hardware wallets and other projects. They also offer infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications.

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