Leaf Global Fintech and Task.io are the Finalists for Receiving Stellar Community Seed Fund

Leaf Global Fintech and Task.io are the Finalists for Receiving Stellar Community Seed Fund
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Stellar Development Foundation announced the finalists of the latest Stellar Community Seed Fund program: Leaf Global and Task.io. The two finalists have innovative ideas that are in the path of SDF and the whole Stellar Community support. The latest blog post on the SDF blog introduces and talks about the details of these two projects.

Winning Projects that Help the Whole Ecosystem

Funding programs in blockchains are common these days. The teams behind blockchains try to support innovative ideas that help the whole community and solve strategic problems. Stellar Development Foundation is one of the most active foundations with a focus on innovative ideas based on blockchain platforms. The Stellar Seed Community Fund is one of their programs that tries to provide the initial fundings needed for startups.

SDF says about the latest SCF program and the finalists in a blog post:

“The mission of Stellar – to create equitable access to the world’s financial system – is one that resonates with many looking to build upon the network. The last two SCF finalists we will be featuring for this Seed Round are organizations well-versed in the causes they’ve chosen to support. As such, they have developed solutions both incredibly innovative and well-attuned to their users’ needs.”

Leaf Global Fintech and Task.io are the two finalists for the latest seed fund from SDF. The former brings a new innovative wallet for Stellar with a focus on accessibility, and the latter focuses on streamlining the NGO operations on blockchain platforms.

Task.io is a blockchain-based startup with a focus on using Stellar for connecting NGO teams and recording data. NGOs can use Task.io for working with remote teams, tracking their activities, and processing payments. The decentralized system that Task.io provides helps NGOs become sure that their helps are delivered to the right people with evaluated organizations. Transparency is a vital part of the focus for Task.io, and it can be delivered by using decentralized solutions like Stellar blockchain. Donors will have ease of mind when using these solutions because they can see where their money has been spent.

Leaf Global Fintech, a startup from East Africa, focuses on cross-border payments. It provides a wallet for users who have cross-border needs. For example, cross-border traders can use the Leaf wallet for storing their assets in multiple currencies. It provides a Leaf-to-Leaf payment that can have a bright future if the team becomes successful in attracting considerable users. Some of the features of Leaf wallet are the smartphone app, numeric shortcodes for classic phones, and QR payments.

Voting for the finalists of SCF has started, and Stellar community members can use this link to vote for finalists.

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