LavkaLavka, BioCoin and the first legal ICO in Russia


In Russia LavkaLavka, an international eco-farming and retail network company, has launched a crowdsale of the integrated cryptography platform BioCoin in association with a Voskhod digital platform.

BioCoin is an international blockchain-based loyalty platform, created to facilitate the ecological and healthy agricultural paradigm around the world. Presented as a combination of cryptomonedas platform and loyalty, BioCoin is designed to support local farmers and organic food retailers and enable them to return value to their communities through a system of rewards and discounts.

BioCoins will be used by companies to generate traditional loyalty reward points as a stimulus for every purchase made within the BioCoin network. Customers may use BioCoins as currency in any affiliated store or exchange them in the exchange at a more favorable rate. The founders’ vision is to create a financial instrument aimed at supporting green farming and the green economy locally and generating value for farmers, retailers and customers around the world.

LavkaLavka’s team hopes their cooperation with the Voskhod platform will facilitate the adoption of blockchain technologies in the daily lives of customers. Taking into account the specific purpose of the Voskhod platform, the partners also take into account new opportunities to attract investment to the Far East territories of Russia.

They have in mind to attract Chinese crypto-investors. They are being oppressed by the regulator at this time and are looking for a way out. LavkaLavka has already built a foundation for the BioCoin ecosystem by creating an international agricultural cooperative LavkaLavka. Today LavkaLavka has the backing of tens of thousands of consumers, retailers and farmers around the world and its base is constantly growing. According to LavkaLavka’s team, about 20 million BioCoins are already in daily circulation, used by farmers in Russia and several other countries.

Although they have only a short time to operate, they have already attracted dozens of companies: the UAZ car factory, the DoubleB coffee shop, the Bali and Archangelsk hotels and the major manufacturers of soft drinks and biofertilizers. They are growing very fast. The preliminary tokes pre-sale round took place at the end of August, even before the site was fully operational. They managed to sell almost 30 million BIO – their native token -, which amounts to almost $ 435,000.

LavkaLavka’s main tokensale round will begin on October 9. Of a billion BioCoins to be issued, 800 million will be sold during the ICO campaign while the rest will be reserved for marketing needs, rewards and wages. The team expects to raise at least $ 20 million in total.