Latest Partner of 2022 for Velas: Occam DAO

Latest Partner of 2022 for Velas: Occam DAO
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It was announced in the last days of 2022 that Velas and the Occam DAO were going to work together from now on to improve the incubation process for projects based on the Velas blockchain. Through this strategic partnership, Velas will be able to attract and develop emerging projects and startups, thereby significantly expanding the company’s ecosystem.

Growth through strategic planning

With its community and expertise, Occam is an interchain DAO-governed incubator that builds, shapes, and improves DeFi ecosystems by leveraging the resources of its community and expertise. 

Occam, on the other hand, is the missing link in the ideal picture of this blockchain branch, as it was developed knowing that millions of users, hundreds of blockchains and tens of thousands of protocols all require a reliable and efficient DeFi infrastructure.

In order to develop Velas’ ecosystem and project launch on it, Velas will use the facilities of Occam DAO’s incubation and launch facilities. 

Occam will assist in the development of several projects that are either going to be built on Velas or that have been approved by a grant program and plan to utilize this blockchain as a foundation. Velas will be able to enhance incubation processes by attracting and supporting projects through the following processes: consideration, diligence, strategic consulting, launch, and so on, in order to optimize the process.

As well as technological consulting, tokenomics, PR, marketing, community building, secondary market launches, and a variety of other services, the Occam DAO can also help you with everything from launches to network sharing and other issues. Last but not least, it provides Velas’ users with an introduction to its community, as well as its DAO Ambassadors, who can assist in a variety of ways such as their expertise, social media engagement, content creation, and other activities.

In combining the functionalities and community of Velas with those of the Occam DAO, blockchain developers can benefit from many new and exciting features and open up more ambitious prospects for them as they continue to develop their projects. 

There are many projects that are aimed at solving real-world problems and working to build communities, but Velas is one of them. Despite the crypto winter, the team’s plans for the future don’t seem to be adversely affected as shown by the last partnership of 2022. It has big ambitions, and Occam may be able to help them build the community they need in order to achieve those goals.


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