Last minute! Ledger Confirms Hack Affecting Multiple Dapps

DeFi Alert: Ledger Acts on dApp Vulnerability Warning Issued by SushiSwap CTO
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The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) has been on high alert after the warning issued by Matthew Lilley, CTO of SushiSwap, regarding a possible vulnerability in dApps due to a compromised web3 connector. Just minutes ago, Ledger acknowledged the vulnerability and fixed the problem, although it is still unknown how much has been drained from the various affected decentralized applications.

This alert generated concern among users and leaders of the DeFi ecosystem, sowing uncertainty about security on multiple platforms.

Ledger, known for its hardware wallets, has also issued a crucial statemen.

The company identified and removed a malicious version of its connection kit, responding to security concerns.

In a tweet, they announced that they are deploying a genuine version to replace the compromised file, providing relief to concerned users.

Ledger also recommended users to refrain from interacting with any dApp for the time being as preventive measure while they work on the complete solution.

However, they reassured users by stating that their Ledger and Ledger Live devices were not compromised by this incident, providing some security to those who trust these hardware wallets to protect their digital assets.

In a recent announcement, Metamask also claimed to have been affected by the hack and urged its users to upgrade to the latest version in order to operate with no problems.

This quick action by Ledger comes after the warning issued by Sushiswap’s Lilley

The CTO of SushiSwap alerted users about the possible risk of malicious code injection into numerous dApps through a compromised web3 connector.

The suspicious code was mentioned to have come from Ledger’s GitHub page, sparking broader concern in the DeFi community.

Ledger’s immediate reaction in identifying and removing the compromised version reinforces its commitment to user security.

Ledger Intervenes After Warning from Sushiswap for Potential Injection of Malicious Code into dApps

This move coincides with the DeFi industry’s efforts to safeguard user funds and restore trust in an evolving ecosystem.

Despite the actions taken by Ledger, it is essential that users continue to be cautious and follow the security recommendations issued by DeFi service providers, as the full resolution of this situation is still in progress.


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