Korean Commons Foundation Uses MicroBitcoin Network to Make Decentralized Epidemiological Investigation System

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Commons Foundation announced a new blockchain-based system for epidemiological investigation system that focuses on protecting personal information, especially in the post corona era. This new system uses MicroBitcoin open blockchain as the infrastructure for keeping and transferring data.

Commons-based P2P movement, knowledge commons, and blockchain technology are fundamental topics of activity for Commons Foundation. It now looks for improving the protection of personal data in situations like COVID-19 pandemic that tracking individuals become critical.

South Korea implemented a novel way of tracking infected individuals in the country and decrease the outbreak rate. K-Protection is the names of this new system that relied on personal information from Korean citizens. Commons Foundation executives believe further development is needed to improve the privacy in such systems.

Choi Yong-gwan, Chairman of the Commons Foundation, said,

“All personal information must be managed by individuals. Personal information is unauthorized and provided and used at will by countries, telecommunications companies, financial institutions, etc. without any personal consent. Even if this is serious, there is a problem with going to constant surveillance and control society.”

MicroBitcoin public blockchain will be used as the backbone for the new investigation system by Commons Foundation. Its executives believe public blockchains are the best solutions for storing personal data. They claim that private blockchains are not entirely prone to data forgery.

Each user in the new epidemiological investigation app will have a unique personal encryption key. The ley will be used as the primary component of storing and transferring personal data.

“Through this process, personal information is thoroughly owned by each individual, and can be provided only with the consent of the individual, and personal information of unconfirmed individuals can be protected,” according to Commons Foundation.

Meanwhile, the Commons Foundation said that once the system completes, it would be open-sourced to the world for public benefit.

The new system by Commons Foundation tries to solve the privacy issue in tracking solutions. These solutions are vital in a situation like the current pandemic, but the privacy and personal data shouldn’t be sacrificed in them.

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